Yaounde: Police neutralize gang of taxi robbers 0

Three man aged between 20 and 34 years were presented to the press as a gang of taxi robbers who have dispossessed some 30 women of their handbags using a taxi in Yaoundé. The alleged gang leader, Tsala Andre Jules who also goes by the name Boulli Jean alias Pa Ye is an ex-convict. He is said to have created the gang after he left prison about a year ago for similar offences. He is the driver of the taxi used in the robbery. He told the police that they operate about three times a week generally around 8:00pm to 6:30am.

He was arrested in Essos after he attempted to escape. Enyengue Andre Loic, a member of the gang fakes the role of a passenger in the front seat of the taxi they use in their operations while Mekongo Augustin plays the same role on the back sit. Both men were arrested in Mimboman neighbourhood. They have denied any involvement.

According Senior Police Superintendent Babanguida Ahmadou, service head for Interventions and Investigations at the Judicial Police Department in Yaoundé, investigations that led to the arrest of the gang began after a victim deposited a complaint.

The victim noted the matriculation number of the taxi in which she was robbed of her hand bad containing her tablet, smart phone and a medical; kit Bio Disque. The victim told the police that she boarded the taxi at about 9:30pm at the Multi Sports Complex to Elig Edzoa. During the journey the drive change the direction and drove to a dark area. The passenger on the back seat pull out a dagger placed on her throat and threatened to kill her if she resisted. The accomplice on the front seat then ceased all her belongings.

A huge number of handsets including smart, phones, tablets and laptops including other devices and daggers where presented to the press as objects recovered from the suspects who are expected to face the law courts.