Yaoundé: President Biya’s son is dressed for succession 0

The idea of seeing Franck Biya succeed his father President Paul Biya at the head of Cameroon has been making its way for several months in the circles of power in the nation’s capital Yaounde. Recently, the debate has gained more momentum.

A political group created by the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo gang known as the Movement of Citizens for Franck Biya for Peace and Unity in Cameroon is now calling for Franck Biya to replace his father in 2025.

In a statement made public by the leadership of the group over state radio and television, the so-called Movement of citizens for Franck Biya revealed that “We have come to propose to the new Cameroon someone who is politically virgin, who has never participated in machinations and low maneuvers.”

The press release that was signed by Alain Fidèle Owona, national coordinator of the movement with strong ties to the Unity Palace noted that Franck Biya will bring a solution to the thorny problem of political transition in Cameroon.

Apart from the Citizen Movement of the Franckists, several other small groups have emerged in recent weeks and all are advocating the candidacy of Franck Biya.

A Cameroon Intelligence Report source deep within the Cameroon military hinted that the Franck Biya issue is no longer a kind of under-the-table talk but it is a great power manoeuvre that is developing several scenarios for the post-Biya period.

The Cameroonian constitution is clear, if the Head of State was no longer able to exercise his functions, a procedure would be opened which would lead to an early presidential election.

Franck Emmanuel Biya 50 years old, is the first son of President Paul Biya. Officially, he does not hold any political office. However, he is regularly presented by the local media as his father’s most influential adviser.

Franck Emmanuel Biya is the friend of many heavyweights in the ruling CPDM crime syndicate, including Alamine Ousmane Mey, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Land Development (Minepat).

Cameroon Intelligence Report understands that, Franck Biya, the “kingmaker” was behind the appointment of Alamine Ousmane Mey to this prestigious and lucrative post.

According to Cameroonian law, candidates for the office of President of the Republic must enjoy full civil rights and be 35 years old at the date of the election.

They may be either invested by a political party or independent provided they are presented as candidates for the election of the President of the Republic by at least 300 personalities from all regions, 30 from each region, and who are members of parliament or a consular chamber, regional or municipal councilors or first class traditional chiefs.

Candidates from parties not represented in parliament or in a regional or municipal council must also meet this condition applicable to independent candidates.

For the time being, Franck Emmanuel Biya is not yet at the head of a political party.

By Rita Akana with files