Yaoundé starts candidacy submission for maiden regional elections 0

Cameroonian authorities announced Tuesday the start of the candidacy submission for the country’s pioneer regional elections scheduled for Dec. 6.

The country’s national electoral body Elections Cameroon (Elecam) is expected to publish the lists of political parties and candidates vying for the elections after the submission.

“The organisational and logistical aspect is ready. The elections would be a historic moment and a turning point in our democracy,” Essousse Erik, director general of Elecam, told reporters in the capital city Yaounde.

According to Cameroonian constitutional law, the regional council is the deliberative assembly for the affairs of the region. The regional elections, contained in the constitution for many years, have however never been organized.

The regional elections are deemed by local observers to be a measure to accelerate decentralization and to help end a separatist crisis in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions, the Northwest and the Southwest.

Cameroon’s two main opposition parties, Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) and Social Democratic Front (SDF) have said they will boycott the elections, citing “biased” electoral code and insecurity in the Anglophone regions.

Source: Xinhuanet