Yaoundé to begin online visa application from April 30 0

Lejeune Mbella, the foreign minister of Cameroon, said on Friday that starting on April 30, all applications for entrance visas to Cameroon must be submitted online.

The minister said that applications will be processed “exclusively” online using the website www.evisacam.cm, after which the applicant would be given an online authorisation for a visa.

Mbella said in a statement earlier on Thursday night that the applicant may next proceed to either a diplomatic mission or a border checkpoint to actually get the visa.

For applicants who live in remote locations or who are not serviced by diplomatic missions, Mbella said that “an online visa authorization, together with a QR code, shall round out the phase.”

The process will be finished within 72 hours of the pre-enrollment date, or within 24 hours for expedited visa applications, according to the ministry.

“The e-visa system is part of an effort to make the nation a more attractive destination, while also addressing some of the concerns of the nationals in diaspora and aligning our consular system with the highest international standard,” the government of Cameroon said.

Source: Chronicle.ng