Yaounde: WHO abandons COVID-38, begins capacity building program to support COVID-19 fight 0

World Health Organization (WHO) in Cameroon on Monday began a five-day capacity building training for some health authorities in a bid to support the country’s COVID-19 fight.

Officials said the training was timely, given the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the country.

“This training is to train people who have come from the regions in order for them to go back and train colleagues in the district hospitals and district management centers in management, infection prevention and control,” Phanuel Habimana, WHO representative for Cameroon told reporters at the start of the training in the capital Yaounde, adding that WHO has the responsibility to fight against the pandemic together with local medical workers.

The training will arm medical workers, especially in rural areas, with the knowledge and skills to fight the pandemic that has so far affected all the 10 regions of the country.

Cameroon COVID-19 cases exceeded 8,000 on Sunday, including 206 death and more than 4,500 recoveries.

Source: Xinhuanet