Yaounde’s extradition request: “Nigeria is not Equatorial Guinea” 0

The Federal Republic of Nigeria will not consider the extradition of the Interim President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia including nine of his top aides, whom the 84 year old Cameroonian dictator, Paul Biya has accused of destabilising La Republique du Cameroun, the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the Cameroon Concord News Group, Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai said on Sunday.

In an interview with CIR’s Asu Ashu Isong, Agbaw-Ebai said Biya regime officials have wasted time and money assembling evidence and even making a formal request. “The Buhari administration will not even evaluate the facts that Yaoundé submitted.

“Nigeria is not holding back from doing anything, nor have they ever been,” Agbaw-Ebai said. “I have covered Nigerian politics and leaders since 1988 and they have always said, if you have evidence of X, Y or Z, please present it to us. Nigeria knows that Cameroon is not a trusted friend. Not even an ally.”

“Maybe the Jonathan Goodluck failure in managing the Boko Haram crisis that attracted Cameroon is deceiving Biya and his gang. Go and look at documented minutes of the Lake Chad Basin Commission for the last three decades before the coming of Boko Haram. Cameroon and Nigeria have never agreed on anything” Agbaw-Ebai added.

Our senior political man also opined that the Federal Republic of Nigeria has “very strict standards in order to protect people’s rights far better than Cameroon. Even after spending millions of US dollars, Biya cannot go through Nigeria’s legal process,” he said.

Mr. Biya appeared to be “fully in control” after the abduction in Abuja, Agbaw-Ebai said. “Obviously these are not terrorists. These are Southern Cameroons leaders who want President Biya to be held accountable for the genocide going on in Southern Cameroons and Biya will,” he said.

Asked why they are still being held in Abuja, Soter Agbaw-Ebai pointed out that “It’s a normal procedure that is done on diplomatic levels. One country accuses another of providing support to terrorists. The same “terrorists” were having an open meeting in the capital city of the accused nation! What do you expect?  Nigeria is not Equatorial Guinea that Cameroon would dictate to them. Nobody is taking President Ayuk Tabe and his cream of advisers to jail or anywhere. Southern Cameroonians are bracing up for the next phase of the struggle.”

On a lighter note the Chairman stated that “When I listen to some Anglophones asking us to trust Biya and saying that Biya is lazy and stupid! I laugh hard because I know that Biya outsmarted Ayissi Mvodo and became Prime Minister! The same Biya turned against the late President Ahmadou Ahidjo and even slaughtered the people who could have protected Ahidjo. Biya completely finished Ambassador Mendouga, Inoni Ephraim, Titus Edzoa and Pierre Desire Engo!! Such a man is not stupid; such a man is not lazy. The Biya regime has people in Nigeria who are actively working against the struggle.

By Sesekou Asu Ashu Isong in London