Zimbabwe: Oldest practicing leader turns 93, Announces plan to run for 2018 election 0

President Robert Mugabe, the oldest practicing leader in the world has celebrated his 93rd birthday today Tuesday the 21st of February 2017 and intends to remain in office until his 99th birthday. Mugabe blew his 93 candles this Tuesday at a ceremony limited to his ministers and closest collaborators.

At 93, the President does not intend to withdraw from power and plans to run for the 2018 presidential election. Interviewed by the pro-government newspaper The Herald on the nationalist policy of the new US President Donald Trump, “America to Americans,” Mugabe said he was in full agreement with the nationalist policy of his American counterpart, Donald Trump. “When it comes to Donald Trump and his nationalist ideas” America to the Americans, “I agree,” he said

Targeted for years by US sanctions, Mugabe also said that it was necessary to give a chance to Donald Trump who may even review the sanctions against Zimbabwe. It is vital to include in this report that Robert Mugabe had on the occasion of his 92nd birthday served to his guests’ elephant meat, buffalo, antelope and a huge cake of 92 kilos. Total cost of the festivities, according to the press was 800,000 dollars.

By Chi Prudence Asong