68 billion scandal rocks Cameroon’s biggest pension fund 0

The accountant of the National Social Insurance Fund, Patrick Hervé Bessala has openly accused his general manager, Alain Noël Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame of wanting to involve him in the falsification of documents relating to the payment of social benefits for the financial year 2016.

In a correspondence dated May 2017 and copies sent to the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Finance and to the Ministry of Higher State Control, Patrick Hervé Bessala reported to the Chairman of the Board of the National Social Insurance Fund that : “Mr. President, following the May 23rd session of the Board of Directors of the National Social Security Fund (CNPS), in which I took part, I hereby express my deepest disagreement as to the wording of the resolutions adopted at the end of that session, as reflected in the drafting of the minutes by the secretariat and made public by the General Manager of CNPS [Mekulu Mvondo] “.

Patrick Hervé Bessala further pointed out in his letter the numerous deficiencies and inconsistencies in the financial statements presented as well as by mentioning a request made by the board of directors to the general manager with a view to setting up an ad hoc committee to assist the accounting officer in the production of the accounts for the financial year 2016.

Patrick Hervé Bessala also did accuse the GM of CNPS of obstructing, in particular, the concealment of the constituent elements of the assets of the National Social Insurance Fund, “on fraudulent payment by the authorizing officer of the expenses of the organization in place of the accounting officer and his refusal to transmit the employment accounts and supporting documents of the sum of 68 billion FCFA made available to him in order to pay social benefits for the financial year 2016 “.

The GM (seen here on photo attached to this report) Alain Noël Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame has been solicited to have his version of the facts. The GM instead directed news reporters to his communication services, which revealed that this conflict is not the first of its kind and is related to the character of legal bigephism that governs the financial position of the fund.

Source: CIN