A message to the world on the crisis in Southern Cameroons from Ambassador Mahmoud Adam Jama 0

It is painfully obvious African leaders and humanitarian organizations have failed to respond to the unraveling crisis in Southern Cameroon.

What makes this even more alarming is the fact [that] unspeakable crimes continue to be committed against the civilian population there.

The repression and brutality are targeted at a specific region. Nobody is immune. Nobody is off limits.

The recent footage of the extrajudicial executions of civilian—including women and children—is sickening. The images are horrific and heart wrenching. We can see exactly where this is going!

Yet world leaders ignore this impending catastrophe.

Leaders who vowed to never again stand by and allow such crimes to happen, are ironically African leaders who fought oppression in their lifetime; but who [now] seem eerily silent at this particular moment in history.

The situation is dire and [quickly] deteriorating.

An estimated 160,000 people have been displaced, and are in urgent need of relief and humanitarian assistance. International peacekeeping troops are needed there to stop the killing and safeguard civilians, and there must be a United Nations investigation into the human rights abuses.

A sad and tragic chapter in Africa’s history is unfolding. We must remember the mistakes of the past!

We must remember Somaliland! We must remember Rwanda!


AMB Mahmoud Adam Jama