AFCON 2021: Biya orders investigations into the wine-drinking scandal 0

When the decision to have the 2021 AFCON held in Cameroon was announced, there was total jubilation in the country.

For the ordinary Cameroonian, the football festival will enable the nation develop world-class infrastructure.

For the youths, the world-class infrastructure will help them make the most of their talent. In their minds, if football is well-developed, they will be able to ply their trade and be able to help their families.

But for those in power like the Higher Education Minister, Jacques Fame Ndongo, the 2021 AfCON will be an opportunity for him and his partners in crime to demonstrate their epicurean sensibility.

And they did display that  greed on the day the Indomitable Lions were clashing with Cape Verde.

While other Cameroonians were cheering up the Lions, Fame Ndongo and his band of CPDM embezzlers were bathing in the most expensive wines some of which were sold for CFAF 3 million per bottle.

As they consumed the expensive wines at the expense of the impoverished taxpayers, they were boasting and demonstrating their capacity to waste government money.

But a few days after this stupidity was captured on video, Fame Ndongo and his collaborators are already losing sleep.

President Biya, who was also shocked by such madness, has ordered an investigation and the details will soon be available.

Those found guilty will be bundled to jail like those who caused the AfCON infrastructure to be very expensive.

Stay tuned!