Africa Cup of Nations: In the face of empty stadiums, Minister Sadi urges residents to go and fill the stands 0

It was announced that it is a popular meeting in Cameroon, the country of football, the final stage of the 33rd Africa Cup of Nations is being played in hollow stadiums.

It started on January 09, 2022 at the Yaounde Olympic Stadium, and the first day will end on Wednesday January 12, 2022 at the Limbe Sports Stadium and at the Douala Jaboma Sports Stadium.

But stadiums with scattered fans are the first lesson that can already be learned three days after the grand celebration of African football kicked off.

Aside from an Olympic bunker where organizers recruited high school students and other supporters of President Paul Biya to rally, spectators did not turn out in droves for matches elsewhere. Why are the spectators waiting in the stadiums with the absence of the participants?

“There is first of all this famous requirement of compulsory vaccination. Vaccination does not go well with some conservative peoples; the time of some matches: two in the afternoon when everyone steps in and the referee completes his reports. It is difficult to muster them; the stadium is not in Bafoussam, but In Kouekong.More than 8 km from the city and getting there is not easy, as no taxi makes the line.Kouekong is not a populated area but an area on the Bafoussam – Foumbot road;The Zimbabwean and Senegalese communities in Bafoussam are not overcrowded.It will be the same with exceptions Few other games that do not include the indomitable lions. Even the Ahmadou Ahidjo omnisports stadium matches bear the same fate.” I tried to explain this the day after the Senegal-Zimbabwe match (1-0) Alan Roosevelt Tedjo, deputy and activist of the ruling political party.

No facilities were provided to allow Cameroonians to go to the stadium during the days of the CAN. For example, allowing employees of public and private departments to work daily until 12 noon; Establishment of public transportation (shuttle buses) to and from the city halls at low cost and strong communication on this (different points and times of departure and return); Increase the number of free tickets and invitations. These few measures can improve attendance at our stadiums during the CAN,” added Maurice Kimjang Fuse, President of the Littoral Regional Lawn-Tennis League.

Faced with this first popular failure, the Minister of Communication, the government’s spokesperson, urged residents to go in droves to the stands to experience the matches live.

“The government, with my voice, urges all Cameroonians to continue to do everything, while strictly adhering to the rules that have been enacted to attend the various meetings in a spirit of fair play, discipline and brotherhood,” wrote Rene Emmanuel Saadi.

Source: awanireview