Air France delivers coronavirus infected passengers to Cameroon 0

An Air France flight that landed on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 in Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital, was at the center of heated debates at the Douala International Airport because of its contaminated human contents.

The flight has raised fear in the Central African country by many notches, as Cameroonians fear that their fellow Cameroonians and some Frenchmen returning to the country were bearers of the dangerous Coronavirus that has disrupted economic activity across the globe and killed thousands, especially in China where the virus started.

More than half of the passengers tested at the airport were positive, creating a situation that many think could bring the country to a standstill.

Upon hearing about the unfortunate situation in Douala, the low-energy and bankrupt government in Yaounde simply ordered that the plane should take its infected contents back to Paris, but the crew argued that Roissy Charles de Gaulle was on lockdown and that it would impossible to take the infected human cargo to France.

Even the Frenchmen who came on that flight said they could not return to France, as the insidious virus was prowling all over France in search of victims.

The situation required the intervention of the Littoral governor who promptly arrived at the airport to take care of business. The passengers and crew on the Air France flight have been quarantined at a local hotel in Douala

The world has not yet seen such a high number of infected people on one flight. Cameroon is always setting examples, even in bad situations.

144 passengers on the plane should not have even made the trip to Douala as they were already showing symptoms of the deadly Coronavirus disease even before boarding the plane in Paris.

There was total confusion at the Douala International Airport as the 144 infected passengers were told to fly back to Paris where they picked up the unwanted virus.

It is suspected that all 144 passengers on board the flight were escaping the Coronavirus outbreak in Europe.

A Douala airport official who elected anonymity told Cameroon Concord News Group that Air France had finally delivered death to Cameroonians, adding that more Cameroonians would soon be heading to an early grave due to the unpardonable mistake that had been made by bringing such unwanted cargo to the country.

To restore calm to the airport, the Littoral governor informed the passengers that due to many  Coronavirus cases on board the plane, they would be kept in a holding centre for thorough assessment and surveillance.

But Cameroonians are already losing sleep because they know how things work in their country.

The country’s monitoring systems leave much to be desired and given the level of corruption in the country, some of those passengers might bribe their way out of their quarantine centers.

There is total panic in the country and city. These Air France passengers have spoiled my day. I have been seeing crowds of infected people on TV, I never knew my country will be receiving some of them right here in Cameroon,” the Cameroon Concord News Group source said.

There is a lot of pressure across the country and news about these latest arrivals has only made things worse. Many people are contemplating escaping to their villages as the virus gains grounds in the cities,” he said.

He added that the government must act promptly and should ensure that even Cameroonians living abroad should not come home at least over the next three months.

“COVID-19 is nobody’s friends. It is a no respecter of people. If it could deliver a deadly punch to China and Italy, then it can rush us to an early grave with relative ease.”

We do not have the health infrastructure and our leaders think in slow motion. If we are not careful, this virus will wreak havoc on the country,” he concluded.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai in the United Kingdom