Amba Crisis: Wife of missionary killed says faith strengthens their family 0

A memorial service was held in South Bend Monday afternoon in honor of Charles Wesco, a local missionary who was killed while serving in Cameroon.

Charles Wesco surrounded by children in Cameroon.

Wesco was caught in the crossfire during a gunfight between armed separatists and soldiers on October 30.

“I can’t explain the peace that God has given me,” said Wesco’s wife, Stephanie. “Even though my husband is gone, I will never walk alone. That’s such a comfort to know that he will never leave me nor forsake me and he will never leave my children.”

“The kids keep talking about little things that [my husband] did with them that meant so much to them,” she added. “He was a visionary, he always had a plan for our family.”

Charles Wesco felt called by God to serve as a missionary in Cameroon with his family, who shared in his vision to serve.

“He loved working with children, so he had brought tons of different Bible memory booklets and harmonicas and a chalk easel set to do chalk-talk pictures,” said Stephanie. “He would preach and our sons would draw.”

Though Wesco is gone, his love for the people of Cameroon lives on.

“For now, we’re looking at moving back and relocating here,” said Stephanie. “My heart is still in Cameroon, so I’m still praying for God to work there in a mighty way because part of us will always be there.”

As for their children, Stephanie says she plans to raise them how her husband would’ve wanted, teaching them to live by faith.

“I pray that God would send them back to Cameroon,” she said. “That each of them would have their daddy’s heart for the people there and for the people around the world.”

Stephanie says she thanks the community for their prayers, and asks that people also pray for the country of Cameroon.