Amba Fighters kill 7 Francophone soldiers in Bamboutos 0

Seven Cameroon government soldiers were killed this morning, Wednesday, August 10, 2022, by Ambazonia Restoration Forces in Bamboutos, a locality situated in the Western region of francophone Cameroon.

The circumstances surrounding the killings are yet to be elucidated as the incident is developing.

Bamboutos in the western region, bordering the restive Anglophone Northwest region, has been the target of several separatist attacks since the beginning of the Anglophone crisis over five years ago.

Today’s attack was the sixth by Anglophone separatists in the Galim district.

An armed separatist conflict has gripped the two English-speaking regions of the Northwest and the Southwest since 2016, with separatists and government forces regularly accused by non-governmental organisations and the United Nations of crimes against civilians.

So far, more than 3,000 persons have been killed since the beginning of the conflict, with more than one million internally displaced persons and others seeking refuge in nearby countries, especially Nigeria.

Source: Humanglemedia