Understanding the Biya Francophone regime’s support for the Israeli genocide in Gaza 0

The Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé habitually dodges voting at the UNGA either by abstaining to vote or by simply absenting itself when a vote is being taken on some matter. But last week, the Francophone dominated ruling CPDM crime syndicate cast a vote that in effect supported Israel in what many characterize as an Israeli war of genocide against Palestinians. The vote also opposed sovereign statehood for Palestine. It amounted to a constructive support of Israeli apartheid and colonization in the occupied territories of Palestine.

According to unverified sources, Arab and Muslim countries in the world and other friends of Palestinians have taken note of the Biya French Cameroun provocative vote.  La Republique du Cameroun has for the past eight years been openly committing genocidal in the former British Southern Cameroons, the Anglophone country of Ambazonia. French Cameroun is also opposed to sovereign statehood for Ambazonia-a territory that some decades ago, French Cameroun seized through fraud, violence, and terror and brought under its colonial occupation and subjugation. The pro-Israeli voter therefore comes as no surprise to the Biya Francophone Beti Bulu regime watchers. Birds of the same feather, it is said, flock together.

There are many reasons why the Yaoundé vote came as no surprise to many observers. Israel is the main supplier of the Biya regime means and methods of violence. Like the Netanyahu regime in Israel, Biya and his Francophone regime continues to colonize, occupy, and subjugate the people of Ambazonia, subjecting the people to extreme repression and servitude. Many French Cameroun crooks, corrupt political cronies, and thieving regime bigwigs have stashed away their looted money in Israel, and some have even hidden their families in that country.

Israel is a prop of highly authoritarian regimes and life-long rulers in Africa such as Biya. It is a merchant of death and desolation. Its principal export consists of selling the means and methods of death to the old, putrid, and blood-soaked 42-year-old regime of 92-year-old of Biya who has very diminished cognitive ability and can hardly stand or walk for more than a couple of minutes. The creation of French Cameroun’s infamous Brigade d’Intervention Rapid (BIR) and the sadistic methods it commonly uses are the brainchild of Israel and fashioned after those of the Israeli Defense Force. The BIR is notorious for the systematic odious torture of its victims, the assassination of perceived regime opponents, egregious atrocities, and military terrorism in Ambazonia – the systematic murder of civilians, including children and babies.  

Israel gets away with genocide in Gaza. It does so even in the face of a UNSC vote for a ceasefire in Gaza, and an ICJ decision calling on Israel to refrain from committing further widespread and indiscriminate killings in Gaza. By getting away with genocide, Israel indirectly lends moral and armed support to a French Cameroun engaged in perpetrating genocide. This amounts to encouraging the brutal French Cameroun dictatorship not to resolve the Ambazonian Decolonization Question peacefully but rather to demonize British Southern Cameroonians as an ‘inconvenient people’ and expendable people to be exterminated through wholesale industrial slaughter without fear of any repercussions.

Israel is one of the countries to which Western weapons are sold and in which they are battle-tested. Not surprisingly, one of Israel’s biggest exports to La Republique du Cameroun is military expertise. They train Special Forces for the old elderly President Biya. They provide personal security for him and so dictate his allegiance. They also provide militarized training to the French Cameroun police. The brutality of the methods of that militarized police is the daily complaint of the people of that country precisely because the line between the methods and means of the military and the police in that country is very thin.

Israel also sells advanced surveillance technology that the Biya despotic regime uses, hoping to track opponents and keep tabs on them. The highly violent and repressive tribal regime of Biya is comforted by the fact that Israel helps it stay in power indefinitely. That is why that pernicious tribal regime is so warmly in bed with Israel.

Israel has created a situation that endangers all post-WW2 international organizations. It continues to defy them. Israel spits in their faces. Israel rips their letter in public and insults them. Israel insults and ridicules the ICJ. Israel makes a mockery of the UN itself. In relation to America, Israel is the tail that wags the dog. It has pushed America to cheapen the veto power in the UNSC by its whimsical, abusive, and irresponsible veto at every turn in blind support of Israel. As a result, the UN and other international organizations are steadily losing credibility. No one will be surprised if some other countries engaged in international delinquency like Israel does. No one will even be surprised if some states start withdrawing their memberships of some international organizations or start reneging on their international obligations.

Israel defies the UN and gets away with it. There is no reason to expect some other country not to follow suit. For example, authoritarian regimes might behave like Israel by committing pogroms on perceived inconvenient people without being held to account. A case in point is La Republique du Cameroun’s ongoing genocide in Southern Cameroons, like Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza. Furthermore, the Biya regime in Yaoundé celebrated when Russia launched its war on Ukraine, and unverified reports have it that there are French Cameroun troops fighting on the side of Russia. Further still, Yaoundé excitedly celebrated when Israel launched its war on Gaza, and it is happy with the progress of the Israeli genocide campaign. The Biya regime takes these amoral positions because in the present world context it knows no one cares about its campaign of extermination in Southern Cameroons. Unfortunately for Mr Biya and his acolytes, every dog has its day. In the final analysis the human spirit remains unconquerable, as Napoleon Bonaparte of France and Hitler of Germany learnt after years of conducting massive and widespread human butchery.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai


Cameroon Concord News Group