Ambazonia: Chairman Sesseku Dr. Ako Peter summons Manyus to a worldwide zoom conference 0

Great sons and daughters of Manyu:

I am honored to address you all today, October 24rd, 2018, on behalf of the Manyu Global Voice.

I want to begin by inviting you to a Manyu Global Voice worldwide zoom conference slated for Sunday, October 28th, at 7 PM Ambazonia Time. It is imperative that we have this meeting.

Beloved Manyu people, the war waged against Southern Cameroonians by the soulless dictator, Paul Biya, continues to escalade. Our young people are dying at an alarming rate.In some areas, Biya’s terrorist soldiers have been seen rounding up peace loving citizens of Southern Cameroons going about their usual business, and summarily execute them! It is painful to note that thousands of our people— including the young, old, pregnant, wounded and feeble, have been forced into exile to neighboring Nigeria, where they are living under very sub human and appalling conditions. The number of the internally displaced is huge, and continues to rise steadily! Entire villages have been wiped out. In fact there is hardly any corner of our homeland that has not seen houses completely burnt down;girls & women savagely raped;businesses and homes ransacked;and valuables looted.

Beloved citizens of Manyu, our land has been utterly defiled and turned upside down. Our culture too, especially the revered Ekpe, has been desecrated — all for the political gain of a few! The spilled blood of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, wives and children….our heroes, is so voluminous that it is now flooding our land, drenching the sacred remains of our ancestors. As Biya’s men kill our people, so too do they destroy our forests, illegally exploiting timber and other resources, with reckless abandon.

Our ancestors are definitely turning in their graves, as they hear the cries and wailings of our tortured brothers and sisters. I can hear our people yelling for help — the wounded, the pregnant, the sick, the hungry, the abandoned, the helpless! Manyu, where are you? Must all die before we act, I ask?

Doing nothing is not an option. But approaching this existential threat in a haphazard, amateurish and parochial manner as we see today is even worse, as it only puts more lives in harm’s way,tears us apart, and emboldens our common enemy. The best approach, therefore, is for us to confront this monster head on, from a united front and well organized front. There is dire need for us, as a people, to rise up to this challenge by organizing ourselves in a way that would project strength in terms of numbers, resources, strategies and tactics in an unprecedented manner. Experience has shown that this can best be achieved from the grassroots upwards, and not the other way round.

We have an elaborate plan. This plan is proposing that Manyu citizens worldwide should set up local chapters of Manyu Global Voice in every country and continent, doing well to reflect all our subdivisions in their respective leadership structures. Also, Market women, Okada Riders, Manyu River Beach Workers, including Bolo and Bacha boys, should set up their own unions…, just like drivers, teachers, healthcare workers, engineers, and other professional and vocational groups. A central coordinating body, the Manyu Global Voice Council, with members drawn from country chapters as above, will be constituted. This Council will be headed by a Chairman, who will liaise and work closely with the Interim Government (IG), and the ASC during the entire course of our revolution.

When we eventually liberate our land, the PEOPLE OF MANYU, both home based and those in the Diaspora, will then determine what form of government they would want for themselves. After deciding on this, the next logical step would be for the people to choose their leaders, in a democratic and all-inclusive manner. I want to emphasize that our goal at this time is to make sure this revolution succeeds, and our abducted and incarcerated leaders, including Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius are freed, and be part of the rebuilding process of our homeland.  

That is why I am seizing this opportunity to INVITE all SONS and DAUGHTERS of the great land of MANYU to a Manyu Global Voice world- wide zoom conference slated for Sunday, October 28th, at 7 PM Ambazonia Time. The main item on the agenda of this meeting is for us to deliberate on the above proposals. Dial in details will be made available in due cause. Please take this time to study our proposal and come up with your own ideas. We need your ideas; and we want to hear from you.

This address will not be complete, if I do not openly appreciate the fact that many individuals, Manyu and non-Manyu,  have been standing up to lend consoling voices and/or donate money and other items to the cause of our suffering siblings back home. Some have made, and continue to make enormous financial and other contributions to our people, since the onset of these hostilities unleashed on us by Mr. Biya and his surrogates. Some have chosen to do so, privately and quietly. I thank them for being their brothers’ and sisters’ keepers during these very trying times.

Others have gone the extra mile of putting their lives on the line to publicly and fearlessly advocate for the oppressed, voiceless, hunted and the needy. I dove my hat for you, beloved Manyu politico-social activists, journalists, philanthropists and social media bloggers. I want to sincerely thank the likes of my dear friend, SessekuShey Christmas AtemEbini;my brothers,Mr. Soter Agbaw-Ebai,Mr. Ayah Abineh, Mr. Eric Tataw, Mr. Fritz Takang;our father Pa Sammy Arreymbi, and others who have been fearless in telling our story as it is to the world, thus helping to expose the excesses and evil of the Biya regime, shaming our greedy & heartless politicians, and at the same time, motivating our people to keep the struggle going. Manyu is proud of you.

I also wish to thank our brothers and sisters who are working tirelessly, day and night, to provide that much needed health care assistance to our ground Zero, and Ground One wounded, the sick and the pregnant.  Thank you, respected members and leaders of the Manyu Health Initiative and the Manyu Capital Ventures, subsidiaries of the Manyu Advisory Committee(MAC) and the Manyu Global Voice, for the excellent work you do, quietly, to preserve the lives of our people.I am not leaving out all the other groups and organizations working hard to alleviate the sufferings of our people. We appreciate every good work you do. May God reward you all abundantly!

Of course, our real heroes are the young men and women who have been chased away and forced to take refuge in the bushes and jungles by marauding killer squads of the Biya regime. Thank you for defending our land, our people and property. You are the future of Manyu, and your names will be written on marble, when freedom eventually comes, not too long from now. I advise that you remain disciplined and be your brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. I do urge you to avoid all forms of vandalism, extortion, and other acts that may cast you in negative light and cause you to lose respect and favor from the community that ardors you.

My people, I call upon all of us to come together under the one umbrella, so we can put our limited resources together, fight together and liberate our people first. We cannot talk about politics and formation of government on the internet and in the middle of a war, when we are losing our brothers and sisters daily at an alarming rate. Even our not too literate parents know the folly of counting their chicken before they are hatched. We should honor our fallen heroes by coming together to fight our common enemy.

My special thanks to all the hardworking men and women of MAC, members and administrators of Manyu Global Voice, and all groups working to liberate Manyu and preserve her people and resources.

Please remember to join the Manyu Global Voice zoom teleconference on Sunday, October 28, 2018, at 7 PM Ambazonia time.

Long Live Manyu

Sesseku Dr. Peter Ako



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