Ambazonia: Interim Government says path of dialogue with Yaoundé getting impassable 0

Southern Cameroon’s second-in-command Comrade Dabney Yerima has reminded the international community that time is running out for any genuine dialogue and negotiation with French Cameroun under President Biya.

The Ambazonia Vice President made the comments during a meeting with major Southern Cameroons donors in Holland on Thursday and observed that the path to diplomacy is getting narrower and more impassable every day.

In the 3-hour meeting, the exiled Ambazonia leader referred to the so-called Swiss Peace Initiative and said the Southern Cameroons Interim Government always welcomes any idea and initiative that can contribute to the peaceful resolution of the crisis between the two Cameroons but furthered that nothing concrete has been put on the table by the failed regime in French Cameroun.

However, Dabney Yerima added that such initiatives coming from the Swiss are acceptable only if they are balanced and realistic and serve Ambazonia’s interests and quest for independence.

Dabney Yerima made a passionate appeal to the international community calling on the US and Europe to sever ties with Yaoundé and fulfill their commitments to the people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  “If Southern Cameroon’s demands are not met, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia will continue to resist French Cameroun occupational forces.

By Chi Prudence Asong