Ambazonia: Interim Gov’t Cautions Chris Anu, Announcs $7000 Support for NERA10 0

 Fellow Ambazonians,

As we continue to negotiate the treacherous rivers of this struggle, we must constantly remind ourselves of the price- Freedom. We must also jog our memories that the pivotal points of this struggle are our leadership in the Yaoundé Principal Prison, our brothers and sisters locked up in the various prisons around Colonial French Cameroun, people in Ground Zero and Ground One. They are our pathway to the world stage. The criminal regime in Yaoundé believed that abducting our leaders was the end of our revolution. They were wrong. Our resolve over the last eighteen months gives me the confidence that we are on the right path. Step by step and with courage and determination, our Promise Land- Buea- will be a reality.

 Let me make the following pronouncement;

 • Since March of 2019, the former cabinet of the IG led by Dr Sako Ikome, had stopped paying for the legal fees of our Nera10 leadership in Kondengui.

 • Their plan was to allow the leadership to be condemned in the enemy’s dungeon so they can keep milking Ambazonians of their hard-earned money.

 • As part of that plan to allow the leaders to be condemned in jail, Barrister John Fru Nsoh colluded with Dr Sako and team to allege that Sisiku was COMPROMISED. This was clearly a coy plan to make fertile the grounds for their irrelevant impeachment.

 • Chris Anu, has now controversially put out an audio calling for a lockdown on Wednesday, the 19th of June, in solidarity with our leaders. This level of hypocrisy is on a magnitude never experienced on planet earth. Ambazonians have always held a massive lockdown each time The NERA10 are due in court. The IG therefore stands with our Restoration Forces in instructing the national lockdown. 

 • I am therefore calling on Chris Anu to desist from discussing or talking about the Nera10 leadership which they not only abandoned to be devoured by the enemy, but also decided to foolishly IMPEACH.

 • All Ambazonians should ignore the call by Chris Anu and any future communications issued by him purporting to sympathise with the leadership in jail.

The IG cabinet under Comrade Dabney Yerima, mindful of the abandonment and treasonous actions against our political prisoners who have been without legal representation since March 2018 and the Nera10 since March 2019, decided to perform their revolutionary duties by launching an emergency fund drive. The target was to raise the sum of $7000. Patriotic Ambazonians who believe in the vision and leadership of Sisiku and his cabinet rose up to the occasion and within four days, showed their commitment and support to their Constitutional

The Federal Republic of Ambazonia leader and his team. I’m pleased to announce that through the generosity of their hearts and pockets this sum of $7000 has been raised and dispatched as planned. 

To all our brave self-defence forces, our fathers and mothers, our brothers and sisters in G0, IDPs, refugees, we applaud your courage and fortitude. Sometimes, it must appear to you as if this shall never pass but rest assured that this too shall come to pass. Our nights are dark, our bodies are weak, our resolve is been tested but we shall overcome. Remain hopeful and prayerful and we shall get to Buea.

 God Bless Ambazonia

 Milton Taka Under-Secretary DCIT