Ambazonia Parents Association weighs in on Southern Cameroons schools resumption 0


Motto: Education for Edification

The position of the Ambazonia Parents Association on School Resumption.

Fellow Ambazonians.

After due consultations with our Executive Members, and a cross section of Ambazonian Parents on Ground Zero on the burning matter of school resumption, we arrived at the following resolutions:

1) Congratulate the Parents on the ground, and the Ambazonian people in general for standing strong now for two years, in defence of the inalienable rights of their children to life, liberty, and to quality education, that will emancipate and edify them…, and against the colonial and destructive slavery education that has been imposed upon our children now by La Republic du Cameroun for so long.

2) Unanimously and unambiguously support the position taken by the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, cautioning Parents on the ground to put the safety and security of their children first, but allowing them to make the decision on school resumption or non-school resumption, based on their assessment of the security situation on the ground.

3) Condemns the Genocidal violence being perpetuated against our people, the massacres, the burning of our villages, the acts of terror that has forced hundreds of thousands of our people, including children into the bushes, and making it impossible for them to get an education in a safe and secure environment. Condemns the rapes, the killings, and the lootings that have left our people impoverished and unable to lead normal lives, and unable to feed, clothe, nor send their children to school.

4) Encourage Parents, and the people of Ambazonia to remain steadfast and resolute, and to continue to look up and work closely with the Interim Government of Ambazonia, currently led by Acting President Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako. To rest assured that the Parents Association continues to stand firmly in support of our people and the Interim Government, and that great efforts are being made to Free our country from colonial oppression and slavery.

5) Stand by our Abducted President, Sisiku Julius AyukTabe, and our other leaders in the dungeons of Yaounde, as well as the tens of thousands of refugees in Nigeria and other countries, the hundreds of thousands of our people in ths bushes, our Amba boys
valiantly defending our people, our children, mothers, sisters, and our land from the Genocidal occupation forces of LRC, knowing that we’re together.

6) Pay homage to all our heroes, and martyrs who have fallen at the forefront of this struggle, and extend our profound sympathies to their families and loves ones, while also extending our wishes of speedy recovery and comfort to those who have been wounded and maimed. Their supreme sacrifices will be remembered, and sanctified by the people of Ambazonia for generations to come. May God be with them.

7) Urge all Ambazonians to know that we’re in a life and death struggle to liberate our country from the fangs of the devil, and to restore the God-given Freedom and Independence of our country, the Federal Republic of Ambazonia / The Southern Cameroons. That we should therefore stand like one man and never waver, for the darkest hour is before dawn, for Ambazonia has Risen to Fall no more!

Short Live the Struggle!

Prince Akere’Nwei Divine
(President General)
Ambazonia Parents Association

Francis Itoe Ebongue
(Secretary General)
Ambazonia Parents Association

Fabian Mokongo Elangwe
(Communications Secretary)
Ambazonia Parents Association

Done in Buea, Federal Republic of Ambazonia
This day of our Lord, September 1st, 2018