“Ambazonia Revolutionary Guards are role model for the Southern Cameroons resistance” 0

A senior front line Southern Cameroons figure Professor Carlson Anyangwe has lauded the recent achievements of self defense groups in Ground Zero, emphasizing diaspora support for the people of Ambazonia.

Professor Carlson Anyangwe made the comments in a Saturday phone conversation with Isong Asu who heads the Cameroon Concord News London Bureau.

We in faraway lands are following the great victories and achievements of all Ambazonia self defense groups and what they do is a cause of honour for the struggle” Professor Anyangwe told Cameroon Concord News. Anyangwe added, “Amba fighters are a role model for the Southern Cameroons quest for independence.”

Southern Cameroonians in Ground Zero and self defense groups are in good shape and they will continue to defend the Ambazonia homeland” Professor Anyangwe opined.

Anyangwe’s phone call came amid escalation of French Cameroun violent attacks against Amba self defense forces. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Southern Cameroons has witnessed an escalation of French Cameroun violence, with over dozen Amba fighters having been killed and many more injured at the hands of Biya regime’s army soldiers.

The uptick in the killings and repression of English speaking Cameroonians has been green-lit by the 89-year-old President Paul Biya, who granted full freedom of action to Cameroon government troops five years ago to intensify their brutal raids against Southern Cameroonians.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Professor Carlson Anyangwe said the French Cameroun violence against the people of Southern Cameroons will continue to destabilize the two Cameroons and beyond.

By Chi Prudence Asong