Ambazonia through the “camera’s eye” 0

It is hard to tell which Ambazonian insiders gave the Nigerian secret police the tip to capture the IG. What is vital now is whether this abduction and interrogation will develop into an advantage for the IG or if the IG will succeed to convince Nigerian factions that a support of Ambazonian self-defense would be favorable for Nigeria in the longer run.

There are many parties, interests and stakeholders involved and we can only pray that the thing will turn out well for Ambazonia. But whatever the outcome may be, we can draw the following conclusion already:

  1. a) The guerilla in SCYL and AGC and DoD and unknown independent must be supported and listened to and should stay compartmentalized, so that if one part of the IG or guerilla is defeated by the enemy the others are still able to operate and fill the gap
  2. b) Federalists inside the IG or power mongers who do still collaborate with LRC or hostile Nigerians must be detected and removed from Ambazonian leadership
  3. c) All Ambazonians must rise up against all who do foul compromise with LRC or unsupportive part of Nigeria
  4. d) All former Scacuf groups should come together with IG and work out a better common strategy

By Christoph Hans Messner