Ambazonia Vice President addresses nation and pledges support for Ground Zero 0

Fellow Ambazonians, Comrades, and soldiers of the Revolution,

I stand before you today humbled and honored for the privilege to serve the Ambazonian People in my capacity as the Vice President. This privilege is not the property of a select elitist few. It is open to every Ambazonian willing to make the ultimate sacrifice that would lead to the Restoration of our Independence. So long as we stand for the truth, and have the firm conviction that God is on our side in our pursuit of this noble venture, no force under the heavens shall be strong enough to stop our collective efforts and joint sacrifices to get to Buea, and from the mountaintops echo the song :WE ARE FREE AT LAST!. WE ARE FREE ATLAST!

Fellow Ambazonians and esteemed comrades, this is not a time for long sweet-sounding speeches. BUT,…….

When we see the gory images and the lifeless bodies of our young men dumped on the streets and bushes,

When we hear the heartbreaking testimonies from our mothers and sisters who have been the victims of rape,

When we see hungry innocent children sleeping alongside their parents in forests and deprived from the joys of growing up naturally as we did, and deprived of an education,

When we hear about the reckless burning of villages and the destruction of our communities,

When we learn about the increasing number of our people who have fled their homes, and forced to live as Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees in foreign lands,

When we hear about these and other acts of barbaric inhumanity visited upon our people by the soldiers of La Republique du Cameroun,

We can’t just sit in the comfort of our homes, far away from all these sufferings and do nothing about it.

We must rally our human and material resources together as one great community toaddress this emergency. If we do not set aside our differences and take urgent measures to counter the evil that has befallen us, then we are doomed. This is not a time for speeches. This is a time for action.The future of our children and that of generations to come depends on the actions we must take moving forward. Today more than ever our very existence is under serious threats.

Despite our differences, we all agree that the urgency for us to act now grows bigger with each passing day.And we must take advantage of the opportunities now available to counter the one big problem facing us as a people. This is the time for each one of us to prove by our actions that we are Putting Ambazonia First.

Let me take this moment to address our young brothers and sisters and children of school going age. From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that I am personally saddened by the acts of terrorism and all the horrors that you have been subjected to and are witnesses of on a daily basis. You have watched helplessly as the licensed thugs from the French Cameroun Military set fire on your homes, killed your loved ones, maimed others and looted your communities. You live in constant fear because of the insecurity now reigning in your neighborhoods. The mere presence of these men and women in uniform scares you to the extent that you no longer feel safe to go to your churches and to the hospitals. Even your Education, which is the key necessary to prepare you for a place in the society has been negatively affected by this senseless war that Mr. Biya imposed upon us.

Let me make this very clear to you and the international community: We are not fighting for a Free but uneducated Ambazonia. We want our children to go to school. We want our displaced citizens to return home to their communities. We want our future leaders to get the tools today that they will use to build a Prosperous, Egalitarian Ambazonia where there is Justice and the Rule of Law. We want to build a society where hard work is rewarded and where there is transparency in the managing of public offices. We want to provide you with schools and the resources that will orient every student towards a specific career path and produce the best results for the future of our nation. We want you to go to school, there is no doubt about that.

I understand the frustrations you feel because your parents have chosen to keep you home and alive instead of sending you to into the deathtraps called classrooms.

Trust me, this has been a very difficult decision for your parents to make. We want our children back in the Classrooms where they belong. We understand the great feelings of loss you experience everyday you spend out of school, seeking safety in the forests with your parents.

Yes, we want you back in school. But it is sad to note that the same schools which used to be safe havens for you to study at eight hours a day have now been transformed into military barracks by the Cameroun Military. It is the same classrooms that the Cameroun Military is using as its staging grounds to train and unleash terror into our communities.

I want to pay a special tribute to our Restoration Forces and Patriots who have continued to resist the destructive French Cameroun Military and defend our neighborhoods from their rapacious activities. Because of your valiant actions we have come this far in our Restoration quest, and you have renewed our hope that with just a little support, you shall soon push out the enemy and liberate our homeland. To our fallen heroes, I want to assure your families that you shall be well remembered for your sacrifices. May you rest in glory in our memories. We shall continue the fight from where you stopped and free the land for which you sacrificed your lives for.

I salute you all for your selfless service especially as none of us can ever measure or repay the sacrifices you are making for the homeland. No one is paying you for the job you have volunteered to do at the risk of your lives. I want to assure you that with effect from today, my number one commitment shall be to enable you get access to the best resources available to defend our communities responsibly. You must always remember that the communities you protect are your first line of defense against the enemy. Therefore, you have a great responsibility and the honorable duty to protect them. The Ambazonian Restoration Forces shall not descend into the same gutters of thuggery like the Cameroun military has done. I enjoin you to treat every civilian with honor and respect. Remember that you and the Civilian populations are all victims of the French Cameroun Military Genocide Machinery.

Till date, over there are over 4.5 million of our people who have been severely affected as a result of this crisis. Your homes and entire villages in over 250 locations have been razed to the ground by the French Cameroun Army. Evidence of your sufferings can be seen in places like Lipenja-Barombi, KwaKwa, Bafut, Mbot,  Muyenge, Azih,  Ashong, Meluf, Njikwa, Tombel, Djottin, Tadu, Wum. This military has only one mission: Kill our people and chase away the survivors from our ancestral lands.

My dear brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and all of those in the bushes. It pains our hearts to accept the reality that just yesterday you were all Free to go about your business and families in total peace. But today you have abandoned everything and become refugees not by your own choice but as a result of this terror that Mr. Biya and his government have unleashed across our towns and villages.

My thoughts go out to all of you in the different refugee camps in refugee camps inAkwa-Ibom, Cross River, Benue and Taraba state, the Ogoga Refugee Campand other locations all over in Nigeria. I want to assure you that we shall do everything to coordinate with our partners to resolve the food crisis you are facing. We shall not relent our efforts to get you the help you need.

I want to commend the courage of our leaders in jail for your true demonstration of patriotism and love for Ambazonia.  I extend warmest greetings of encouragement to the thousands of Prisoners of Conscience who are being illegally detained in unknown jails. Stay strong. We shall not abandon.

My Fellow Southern Cameroons,

In the backdrop of the scenario painted above, I want us to remember that I am stepping up to my new responsibility at a very critical juncture of our Revolution. I am taking up leadershipat a time when our boat is sailing through rocky waters, very high tides and unfriendly waves. With the indiscriminate killings of our people, the divisions amongst us, the scandals and dishonesty plaguing the Revolution, we must agree we are going through very tough times indeed.

While I do not intend to make any excuses of these previous shortcomings, I summon the courage in all of us. Together we shall weather this storm by eradicating that virus of dishonesty from our midst.

Dishonesty has no respect for the sacrifices our people have made to ensure that we have a place called home. At this critical time of our separation from our captors, we part ways with habits picked up from Colonial Cameroun. We promised our people a change for the better, not change of dishonest players. Dishonesty threatens the very foundational idea of the vision of Ambazonia where hard work is rewarded, merit is appreciated, and transparency is embraced. Dishonesty from leadership threatens trust from the people and reduces productivity.

If leadership is not honest and accountable, we shall never have a flourishing Ambazonia when we get to Buea. In fulfilling this promise to our people, we must demonstrate honesty in all our actions.

Following the events of the last 12 months, you have made requests and demands of things you want to see a change in. From the hundreds of messages and phone calls we have listened to all your requests, keep them coming. Here are some of the things we will start working on right away.

We will ensure we create stronger institutions that are independent, with checks and balances putting the people and Ambazonia first:

We will ensure that accountability is a watchword starting with leadership. To get the best out of your leaders they must report regularly to our institutions of government and must be held accountable to get the very best revolutionary service out of them at all times:

You requested a process in leadership, we shall start by putting the constitution for review in the public domain so that the final constitution becomes a product of your dreams and aspirations:

It is our hope that together we will build strong democratic institutions that no one man is above it.  President Sisiku often says, no one man is bigger than this revolution. Some of you may say “We are in a revolution and who cares about stronger institutions?”, to me, that is a false narrative we must not entertain.  We must put Ambazonia first.

One other major task before us is the case involving the alleged mismanagement of your meagre resources:  My team and I shall follow up on what went wrong and how can we correct it. We shall getback what we can into the Revolutionary mill. However, we shall try not to be distracted by this from our main goals.

The finance department is a key pillar stone in our struggle, and we cannot stay aloof while our people suffer in want.We must be honest with the struggle and then with ourselves. It is a new dawn and its Ambazonia first.

I understand the enormity of the task and understand that we cannot achieve all of this in a day, a week or a month. This is all work in progress, and we must begin from somewhere. At this stage, it is collective work and we all must play our part in getting it right this time for our people.

Dear people, we must plan and have goals. Failing to plan is planning to fail, it does not matter the circumstances we face.

To this effect, I will be consulting with various comrades in the next few days to fine-tune the strategy that would lead us into the next phase of the revolution. I believe that collectively we can win this fight and achieve the one common goal that we all share. I cannot promise you a timeline by which we would arrive Buea but I can tell you this with 100 percent certainty :  If we put our differences aside and set our eyes on the prize we would get there sooner than you can imagine.

We must set our differences aside and focus our strengths because together we are stronger. It does not matter the group you belong to. What matters is if you believe in our creed, the creed that “We the Ambazonians pledge our loyalty, the belief that one day we shall all live in plenty meeting our needs and our children shall be like the stars above”.

Fellow, Ambalanders, the time has come to cut the umbilical cord of disunity and work as countrymen and women whose ONLY allegiance is to the white and blue stripes enshrined by the 13 golden stars. That time is now, and I want you all to join me and make it real.

If there is one area, we need to make more efforts in that should be DIPLOMACY. Diplomacy is a tool in our toolbox that has not been used to our advantage. It works hand in hand self-defense. A major part of our diplomacy has ended on social media. This sort of ignorance sets us thousands of steps back. Henceforth, we shall no longer neglect the place of Diplomacy in our Revolution. We shall engage our diplomatic machinery and ensure that it is on a need to know basis.

We are always ready to dialogue and negotiations as we have always done. The other party French Cameroun isn’t ready for dialogue. French Cameroun thinks they have engaged dialogue by sending their Prime Minister with Peace Plants into our towns and cities. Brandishing a peace plant is not a condition for dialogue, it is sheer demonstration of their hypocrisy and an insult to our suffering people.

We saw PM Dion Ngute walking through our streets with the same peace plants that our people held on the 22nd of September 2017 and were massacred from helicopter gunships.

How can MrNgute be talking of peace in Bamenda while his soldiers are burning homes in the village of Mah and killing civilians in surrounding towns.?

This is my message to PM Dion Ngute: If you want us to take you seriously, thenlet your Government withdraw its troops from our towns and villages,  Let your government apologizing for the crimes it has committed against our citizens and let your government  release our Leaders and every prisoners of conscience now in your jails.

Moving forward, I call upon our communications team and online activists to go out there, get to work and challenge the dangers of a single story.

A single story about who we are and what we are has been erroneously sold to the international community by the enemy. We must take advantage of the technology at our disposal and start telling the world our TRUE STORY. The online activist must not measure their results by Facebook likes or views but by the response they get from the international community as a result of their proactive and informative activism.

On matters of self-defense, there is no one who doubts the urgency to step up the game. I want to commend the efforts of those who have been engaged in this area. Your efforts are well noted and commendable, but there is an urgent need to step it up.

To get something you never had one must be prepared do something they have never done. We must cross new frontiers and face the storm because our very existence depends on it. That is why in the coming days, I would be reaching out to all the different actors in the domain of self-defense, so that we can sit down and talk about putting Ambazonia first as one people, with one vision.

We must put an end to the second-class citizenship they stamped upon our faces like the mark of the wild beat:

Within 6 decades of subjugation, and relentless oppression,

They called us Biafrans:

They called us Anglo fools:

They called us enemies in the house:

They call us dogs:

They called us cockroaches:

They call us the 2 cubes of sugar in a basin of water:

These insults also have got to STOP. And only we can put an end to them.

Yesterday the United Nations Security Council had its first meeting on the Humanitarian Crisis connected to our struggle for the restoration of our independence.

My team and I followed the whole meeting and we noticed that none of the other countries there present called us any derogatory names.

However, I was dismayedthat the La Republique ambassador to the UN continued to address us as terrorists and all sorts of names forgetting that we are now fighting a war which the French neo-colonial regime in la Republique du Cameroun declared on us.

The lessons learnt are not new: We need to do more to bring to light the seriousness of our problems. We need to speak for ourselves at the center stage. It would be disastrous to let others speak for us. It must not be me; it could be someone from the SCNC, AGC, or SCYL. No matter who does the speaking, We must put Ambazonia First.

We are where we are today becausea new generation of activists led by Teachers, lawyers, Farmers and bike riders have taken our problem to a new level.

They were joint by Students, apprentices young and old at home who came together as one man and said: enough is enough. They went out with peace plants and chants of peaceful protest.

We owe deep gratitude to those who laid the foundation for all of this to happen the way we see it today. I am thinking of our veteran movements of the AAC 1, AAC 2, CAM, SCARM, SCNC, SCYL, SCAPO, and most recently the Consortium.

I equally acknowledge the work done by individuals and the newly formed pressure groups. Your work is as equally as important, and it is time for us all to help tie the same bundle together for our people. This is about the people in our communities and we must make sure it remains about them and their aspirations to express their rights to self-determination as enshrined in international law.

And while we have lost thousands of innocent souls at the mercy of the occupying forces of the Cameroon republic, we know that those innocent souls are looking up to us to vindicate their memories. We owe it to them, to their families hiding in the forests, living in the streets in different communities as IDPs, our sisters and brothers who are refugees and our diaspora community on exile.

My fellow comrades,

There is no one who is ignorant about what is before us. The international community now understands that we are determined to reach the mountain top.  We know those amongst us who have fabricated their own truth to believe, in but do not despair, we shall overcome someday.

Some still hope that we shall be part of French Cameroun one day. The time shall come for us to negotiate our terms of separation. But those negotiations shall only happen in the presence of international third-party mediators and in the presence of all our leaders from jail and on neutral territory.

We shall never sit down to negotiate when we still have our comrades in the jail cells of la Republique du Cameroun or with their military roaming our communities making it impossible for our people’s lives to return to normalcy.

Dear comrades, my team and I, submit ourselves to be your servants and ask you to uphold your revolutionary responsibilities that require you to help us reach our destination.

Above all you have demanded results and we shall do our best to deliver. The struggle is all about you and less about me, we are all in this together. We are putting Ambazonia First. It is total Independence or Resistance forever.

Short Live the Struggle,

God bless you,

God bless Southern Cameroons, Ambazonia