“Ambazonian Restoration Forces won’t surrender arms to the French Cameroun regime” 0

The Southern Cameroons Homeland Security Chief, Bishop John Egyawan has vowed that Ambazonia restoration forces will never give up their arms as called for by the 85 year French Cameroun leader Paul Biya.

No government in French Cameroun will force our Southern Cameroons fighters to drop their weapons, force them to surrender their arms, as long as Ambazonians believe in this resistance,” noted John Egyawan who also claimed French Cameroun is losing in the fighting.

Bishop Egyawan also added that, “The Southern Cameroons Interim Government does not wish that restoration forces should keep their weapons forever because they too should be preparing to be part of Southern Cameroons domestic life.”

Speaking exclusively to Cameroon Intelligence Report on Christmas Day, the Southern Cameroons Homeland Security boss assured Ambazonians that, “Those who say the revolution is weak, I want to say it’s stronger than ever. We are preparing for a long war and strengthening our capability,” he said.

John Egyawan further explained that the resistance has been able to regroup and rearm and will of course regain its capability. He called for unity among all Southern Cameroonians saying that Southern Cameroons towns and villages have been completely destroyed by French Cameroun government soldiers and more than 4000 Southern Cameroonians have been killed in order to frighten and intimidate Ambazonians but Southern Cameroonians are the most brave and most courageous people in the Sub Saharan region.

Peace be with you during this Christmas season and with your martyrs and with your families. Your Interim Government feels your pain, and we salute your tears and your blood and your destroyed homes, and we salute your will and your determination,” Bishop Egyawan said.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai