Ambazonians achieved grand victory in 20th May boycott 0

The Vice President of the Ambazonia Interim Government says the 20th May 2022 French Cameroun celebration in the Ambazonia homeland was a battle against the Interim Government (IG), and the IG achieved great victory in the boycott.

In his remarks in Cambodia recently, Comrade Dabney Yerima said the massive boycott conveyed a message of Southern Cameroons adherence and commitment to the struggle.

Yerima stated that the huge support for President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and the Ambazonia Interim Government as indicated by the boycott showed Ground Zero’s commitment to the path of resistance.

Vice President Dabney Yerima opined that after five years of aggressive military and media campaign targeting the people of Southern Cameroons and their Interim Government, spearheaded by the 90-year-old Biya and his French Cameroun political elites, support for the Ambazonia Interim Government and its jailed leaders has increased.

Yerima said there is a big advantage in having all restoration groups looking at the same direction.  He further said the nature of the Southern Cameroons liberation war  does not allow one single Ambazonia county or group to solve the crisis single-handedly  even if they have the majority following within their respective county, which calls for cooperation between all different groups.

Dabney Yerima also debunked lies promoted by some pro Yaoundé CPDM Southern Cameroonians that the Ambazonian resistance bloc is divided.

By Enowtaku Ebanghatabi Christelle in the USA