Anglophone Uprising: 2 killed and nearly 100 wounded in Bamenda 0

Nearly 100 people have been wounded and 2 killed in today’s clashes in the North West regional capital of Bamenda, the worst outbreak of violence since the Anglophone uprising.

Witnesses and journalists at Commercial Avenue, a hotspot neighbourhood for anti-government demonstration in recent months reported seeing bodies in the street and two apparently shot at close range.

Other witnesses reported further bodies seen lying in streets in other parts of the city. A journalist with Cameroon Intelligence Report described one of the victims as “kid” and said he had been shot execution-style “through the top of the skull”.

It is an absolute horror; those who committed this are war criminals. Blasts and gunfire echoed around T-junction for most of today after heavily armed soldiers attacked civilians protesting against a visiting Prime Minister.

There are fears that Cameroon is slowly but surely sliding into ethnic conflict as hatred for French speaking tribes keeps mounting.


By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files from Sama Ernest