Anglophone Uprising: The 10 most important points to remember for every Ambazonian 0

1. Only united among our own rows we can defeat our common enemy, which is our annexor, occupant and neo-colonialist exploiter, the puppet regime of illegitimate dictator Paul Biya backed up by puppet-holder France and its XAF = CFA currency system captured inside BEAC and the French National Bank in Paris.

2. With an enemy, which exploited, marginalized and mal-treated us for decades, there is no begging, petitioning, negotiating or federalizing. Only a clear cut with these puppets and crooks in power in Yaounde, Paris & Geneva can solve problems. Only full independence from our rapist La “Republique” du Cameroun can save our health. We say the final good-bye to LRC and Françafrique! There is no way back! Foreward ever backward never!

3. To claim a) the unconditional release of all political prisoners, b) the restoration of our statehood, and c) the withdrawal of all occupants from our Ambazonian territory is non-negotiable. Every Ambazonian must claim full independence now and all collaborators with LRC must face serious consequences. CPDM is a terrorist organization and all governmental offices, facilities or money sources of our occupant on our territory will e made inaccessible for him. And we don’t only claim, we take back.

4. Independence means independence. All Ambazonians are independent from all other powers in the world, especially neo-colonial powers. We are not dependent on any mercy of any country or organization to “give” us independence. We are not dependent on any UN document proving us anything. We are an independent people of Ambazonians and act independently and take everything we need for exercising our already God-given independence. We name ourselves and our state independently as we want, by referendum of our people or by decree. Our people are not Cameroonians. We are Ambazonians. Our own leaders and peoples decide what is good for us, not foreign ones.

5. The world media still does not know or does not want to know the truth about Ambazonia (former “Southern Cameroons”). We stopped calling us “Cameroonians” because the world does not understand the difference between southern Cameroonians and Cameroonians. We are not southern or western or whatever Cameroonians or just “Anglophones in their territory” as they say. All Ambazonians will tell the truth about Ambazonian = SC’s history and identity to any journalist, politician and organization in the world methodically, periodically, persistently, until the present narrative that the “Anglophones in the west of Cameroon” would be a “problem” has disappeared. We are not a problem, we are the solution!

6. The core of the problem with Cameroon is that its dictatorial government has sold itself to foreign neo-colonizers who steal the profits from the resources of Ambazonia into foreign accounts and do not reinvest these profits into Ambazonia. The whole thing is not a Francophone/Anglophone problem. It is a problem of robbing and stealing done by the French etc. and their puppet regimes in Africa. And all Ambazonians will tell this truth to the world consistently now until the world gets it. Additionally there will be massive demonstrations in Paris and Brussels in the middle of July 2017 which will ignite the “Second French Revolution” which means the end of France”s neocolonialism in Africa. On top of that there will be a Million Men&Women March on the government building in Buea on October 1st 2017, where we will hoist the Ambazonian flag. Our unarmed, peaceful marchers will be safeguarded by our hidden Ambazonian guerilla and all soldiers of the enemy will know that if they fire one single shot on innocent, marching people, full international media coverage will prove to the world that Biya is the terrorist not us.

7. Self-defense from violent occupation and human rights violations is fully legal according to international law. But the defeat and chase out of occupants can only be started, after SCACUF has achieved to successfully teach the international media that the Ambazonian freedom fighters are not what Yaounde’s CRTV says but the Biya regime and its occupying troops are violators of international law and terrorists. Ambazonia will not tell the occupant when its defense and guerilla forces will chase him out. They are ready. The occupant better leaves now or it will become a very bloody experience for him.

8. Sufficient finance, equipment and training of the own army, which will hold all own territory against all potential enemies forever, comes from supportive powers which oppose Camerounese-French mismanagement and which know very well that Ambazonia needs to give only a small percentage of its resources to finance sufficient self-defense. Parallel, the new, democratically elected government of Ambazonia will swear an oath to the new Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ambazonia (=SC), which has strictest anti-corruption-laws of the world and sets much higher standards of law than any French type constitution.

9. Ambazonian citizens started to register as citizen of Ambazonia online and will contribute each at least 10% of their wealth to the further liberation and modernization of Ambazonia. Better 90% left than 100% dead under the rule of the illegal French occupant. Those who refuse to give taxes to Ambazonia will feel disadvantages or dispossessions later. Big donors on the other hand will be have reduced taxes.

10. After Ambazonia has fully liberated itself and regained full control over all its territory and resources, it will also start to help the Camerounese as well to get rid of the incompetent, senile Biya regime and Françafrique’s system of corruption, exploitation and neocolonialism. After both sovereign countries Ambazonia and Cameroun have got a completely new constitution and a totally different, democratic government, both may form a Confederation, if both peoples would agree in two separate referenda.
By Christoph Messner