Armed robbers attack Minister Mama Fouda’s residence, made away with 555 million FCFA 2

Cameroon Intelligence Report has learned that heavily armed men took away more than 555 million CFA francs from the residence of André Mama Fouda, Minister of Public Health. Our Yaoundé informant revealed the robbers took advantage of the absence of the policeman assigned to the Mama Fouda villa to enter and commit their crime. The wife of the minister was tied up and we understand some acts of violence were committed against her.

According to a highly placed security source who sued for anonymity, heavy weapons were found in a vehicle belonging to the minister and more than 555 million FCFA including valuable jewels were stolen during the robbery. It is not the first time that thieves have visited Minister Fouda. On the night of April 17, 2015 over 300 million FCFA reportedly disappeared at his residence.  The Yaoundé police responded by detaining all employees at his home. The trouble that President Biya and his kinsmen are bringing to Cameroon as a nation, wears a cap and whistles.

Sama Ernest (CIR)