As Biya Kills Southern Cameroons Civilians Bollore Conglomerate Sued In France 0

Now in France there is a lawsuit against French conglomerate Bollore over violating supposed commitments it made to residents and workers at its palm oil plantation in Cameroon.  The suit accused Bollore of reneging on a 2013 settlement in which it promised to improve the working and living conditions of workers and residents around the plantation. “Our civil lawsuit aims to ask the French judge to force the Bollore group to comply with the commitments it made in 2013 to the local communities and plantation workers of Socapalm, a Cameroonian palm oil company directly linked to the group,” said the plaintiffs’ statement.  “We are now asking the French judge to order the forced execution of the action plan; it must be considered as a contract that has not yet been executed.” But if Paul Biya doesn’t live up to any promise, and Guterres roughs up and censors the Press, what will the courts do with Bollore?

In real destruction news, in the village of Ikata in SW Cameroon on April 26 Paul Biya’s soldiers shot unarmed civilians including a woman named as Glory, and burned houses down. While Guterres’ UN does nothing about the outrage of Nigeria sending back to military custody refugees and asylum seekers, Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine others are expected in court on Monday April 29 where their hearing continues but they have now released a statement through their defense team saying they will not be appearing.  Their lawyers say given the fact that they have taken the matter to Appeal court all proceedings at a lower jurisdiction (military tribunal) must be halted as per the law on criminal proceedings.  The lawyers have since appealed a decision by the Military tribunal to judge the detained leaders in Cameroon despite the fact that they are refugees and asylum seekers. One would have thought that former UNHCR chief Guterres would not collude in this, but that was before the golden statue and UN Budget Committee deals with Biya’s ambassador Tommo Monthe.

Guterres is killing what’s left of the UN’s credibility with his corruption and no due process censorship. Of course, Guterres and Dujarric won’t answer questions from Inner City Press not only about Cameroon but even about how 27 new Resident Coordinators are being recruited. Their UN is increasingly corrupt. Guterres’ envoy Mohammed Ibn Chambas is ghoulishly lavishing praise on Cameroon and Amina J. Mohammed’s Nigeria, which illegally refouled 47 to Cameroon.

Source: Inner City Press