Assassination of Southern Cameroons journalists will not advance Yaoundé plots 0

The Ambazonia Interim Government has strongly denounced the killing of another English speaking journalist in Bamenda, saying such targeted killings will never help the Biya French Cameroun regime advance its fiendish plots.

Vice President Dabney Yerima in a statement released Monday, announced that the heinous crime of assassinating journalist Anye Nde Nsoh, in Bamenda, the chief city in the Northern Zone of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia bears the hallmarks of the Atanga Nji Boys supported by the regime in Yaoundé.

The targeted killings of young and aspiring Southern Cameroons journalists and Amba fighters will in no way help La Republique du Cameroun materialize the plots which it has heavily counted on. On the contrary, such moves will strengthen the Ambazonia resistance,” the Dabney Yerima statement said.

The killing of journalist Anye Nde Nsoh comes at a time when the French Cameroun enemy is dealing with several strikes that Ambazonia forces are carrying out deep inside French Cameroun territory,” the Ambazonia Interim Government stated.

Cameroon Concord News understands Anye Nde Nsoh was the North West Bureau Chief of The Advocate Newspaper and member of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists killed in a cowardly assassination with bullets bearing the fingerprints of the regime in Yaoundé.

The assassination was carried out by direct shooting at Don Simon a popular Snack Bar around Che Street in Ntarinkon, Bamenda.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai