Atlanta: CEO of Orphan Kids Help Foundation speaks of the “New Lifestyle” 0

The Luxe, Bliss, & Surreal Black and White Gala 2018 Welcomes You. The unique and dynamic annual Black & White Gala in Atlanta is here to truly exceed you hopes and expectations. The gala has now become an annual spectacle in Atlanta, and we hear that bigger and better is yet to come. It’s your Lifestyle – Enjoy It!

We sat down with the CEO of Orphan Kids Help Foundation/ Black & White Party, Egr. Eyong Eyong Ebot in Hot Atlanta to find out what keeps the Party rolling for the last 9 years.

Cameroon Concord News: What is the main message and idea behind the Atlanta Black & White Party 2018?

Eyong Ebot: The message has been consistent over the last 9 years – we want our patrons to enjoy the moment in life, meeting new people, and sharing of love with contentment and fulfilment. The Black & White Luxury Lifestyle Gala 2018 will provide a unique Gourmet Experience, as we will go to every extent to make our partners, patrons, and friends feel special in exclusive, but affordable surroundings. In principle, the first message is enjoyment in life with friends and loved ones – a celebration of life combined with fine wines and gourmet cocktails.

Cameroon Concord News: What was your inspiration behind the creating of the Atlanta Black & White Gala almost a decade ago?

Eyong Ebot: My inspiration is tied to the fact that we must give back to our community – that is what this is all about. We donate to many local cultural groups who are carrying projects back home in Cameroon to help the needy. We also give to groups on the ground in Africa, because they are in the best position to help needy kids. My inspiration also comes from seeing my friends, patrons, and members enjoying themselves while we put the show around them. Finally, my inspiration comes from others, and the pleasure of the attendees is my greatest challenge, and we will make sure everyone is happy and content in every way possible.

Cameroon Concord News: Almost fully booked already in 2018. Obviously, it is a bold message to Atlanta regarding the quality you represent. What does this mean for you, especially as we have multiple of events in Atlanta?

Eyong Ebot: The fact that we have sold out our VIP Lounges, with only a few VIP Tables remaining,a month from the event is a big achievement. It shows that we are doing the right thing, the organization is moving in the right direction, and that we have great supporters in Atlanta.

Cameroon Concord News: Are you excited?

Eyong Ebot: Absolutely! and in a remarkably positive way as we have worked hard to build the brand of the Black & White Party in the Atlanta Principality in the last nine years. We see the 2018 Gala going forward as a moment of payback to everyone who has supported us during this period. That is why we are committed to continuously improve the satisfaction our patrons derive from the event with no additional costs.

Cameroon Concord News: You are a full-time Engineer, so many people wonder how you find time to manage your Foundation. On the one hand, you are a role model for young and new organizational Leaders in Atlanta, showing that hard work pays off in life. However, it must be very exhausting for you. What makes you move forward on a daily base? What motivates you?

Eyong Ebot: That’s a great question and something that many people ask me. I think I am driven to do the best I can in everything I do. I do not have to be the best; it is not a competitive issue, I just try to do the job right, knowing that the end product is joy and satisfaction. However, before any reward, it takes pain and sacrifices, including a battle against yourself and all the issues that challenge you. One quotation I do enjoy evoking is from Winston Churchill, “When you are going through hell, keep going!”. Not that I’m going through hell; however, life and work put difficulties in our way allthe time, and we just have to keep going.

Cameroon Concord News: Finally, with many events organized by cultural organizations and alumina groups, as well as multiple events organized by other groups and members of the Atlanta community, how do the Black & White Party stay ahead of the game?

Eyong Ebot: Atlanta is the Número 1 Party City of the United States. Some Johnny came lately group leaders might see such environment as a competition and a zero-sum game. However, for the Black & White Organization, we cherish the complements and collaboration we receive from all groups in the community. That is why we are also very active in our community, supporting other groups and events as much we can. Atlanta Black & White looks forward to hosting everyone again at its 9th edition gala in 2018.