“Attack on French Cameroun army convoy transporting General Tataw’s remains shows strength of resistance” 0

A senior commander of the Ambazonia Restoration Forces has said that the recent attacks on a military convoy that was transporting the remains of the late General James Tataw in Batibo and also that of Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda hosting a delegation headed by French Cameroun’s Minister of Interior Paul Atanga Nji bears witness to the strength of Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces.

Speaking late today in Bamenda during a memorial ceremony for a prominent Ambazonia fighter, the Southern Cameroons commander who did not identify himself during his presentation at Bali Road added that Yaoundé was trying to demonstrate that Southern Cameroonians who represent Francophone interest were more valuable than the Ambazonia blood spilled everyday by French Cameroun army soldiers.

The Southern Cameroons commander also warned the French Cameroun soldiers heading to Ossing village in Manyu that they were gambling on a failed Biya plan. He reiterated that Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces will never let French Cameroun army attacks go unanswered.

With new rules of engagement already being implemented by the Southern Cameroons Vice President Dabney Yerima and the growing strength of French Cameroun opposition against Biya, observers believe the Federal Republic of Ambazonia will soon become a reality and that Biya and his French Cameroun political elites are in a state of denial.

By Sama Ernest in Bamenda