Attack on Lebialem County: How Biya failed to get Field Marshal 0

French Cameroun troops stormed bases and strongholds of the Red Dragons across Lebialem County. But the Francophone soldiers who have killed many innocent Southern Cameroonian civilians with the rogue Paul Biya regime providing them sanctuary were running for their lives. French Cameroun President Biya ‘s expression of La Republique’s desire to neutralize the Field Marshal seemed not to come true.

The battle for the Lebialem County had been conceived as a swift campaign with a single objective: defeat the Red Dragons and destroy the Grand Manyu Resistance by capturing the Field Marshal and other key leaders. A unique combination of BIR power, France and French Cameroun intelligence and special operations forces teams and indigenous CPDM allies failed to sweep the Red Dragons from control of the Lebialem County.

While keeping the Cameroon army’s deaths to a minimum, Yaounde is aware that the mission failed to capture or kill the Field Marshal.  The failure to capture the Field Marshal represents a lost opportunity for the Biya regime that will forever alter the course of the Southern Cameroons conflict and quest for independence.

The Invasion of Lebialem County was reportedly led by General Buba of the French Cameroun army. Ambazonia Restoration Forces mounted the resistance when the invading French Cameroun army soldiers left Chief Forminka to Esoh Atah. Our correspondent in Menji revealed that a French Cameroun regiment from Arulakeng that braved the bad roads to Esoh were ambushed by the Dragons. Another French Cameroun army deployment from Azi to Nkah also came under attack.

The bodies of several Francophone soldiers killed during the Lebialem onslaught have been moved to a mortuary in Dschang. We gathered that the Biya regime is planning a more sophisticated raid with helicopters soonest.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files from CIR Lewoh Desk