Bafoussam: Governor Awa Fonka says Camair-Co flight QC272 landed safely 0

The governor of the West region, Awa Fonka Augustine has debunked rumour of a Camair-Co plane crash in Bafoussam. Information circulated that Camair-Co flight QC272 that left Douala for Bafoussam-Bamougoum had crashed.

Governor Fonka Augustine revealed that the said flight left from Douala at 9:10 am for Bafoussam and made a dramatic landing due to bad weather conditions caused by heavy rains accompanied by thick clouds and fog. Flight QC272 arrived Bafoussam with 33 passengers and departed for Yaounde Nsimalen.

News of the crash sent shock waves around the country as the population is yet to recover from the pain of the train derailment incident and the collapse of a bridge on the Yaounde-Douala highway.

By Rita Akana