Bamenda population protest against Government Delegate, Chinese contractors 1

Some 2000 inhabitants of the city of Bamenda have staged a massive demonstration against the deplorable state of roads in the metropolis. The protesters also chanted anti-government slogans condemning the regime for the criminal neglect of the North West region.  The Monday November 21st protest also clamoured for the departure of the Chinese contractors working with the Bamenda Urban Council government delegate.

The strike action that was led by a journalist took the city by storm and gained the support of the population that voiced appeals for a return to the Southern Cameroons state. State radio and television painted the strike action as a minor incident orchestrated by a group of young men armed with sticks who threatened to beat shop owners in the Bamenda main market.

The mammoth crowd blocked access points at Ngeng junction, Nkwen market and Cow Street. Police used teargas against the peaceful demonstrators but no casualty has been reported so far.  The North West governor has not commented on the happenings. At press time, the police were clearing off the materials used in blocking the roads including burnt tyres. It is important to include in this report that the government delegate to the Bamenda urban council has come under serious attacks ever since he was appointed some 7 years ago.

By Cham Victor Bama in Bamenda