Bangolan Crisis: Fon Chafah XI, King Makers and Elders all sue for peace 0

The people of Bangolan have been rejoicing ever since an agreement was reached to discontinued the legal process which started last February and created an unprecedented chieftaincy dispute. The uprising in Bangolan led to a temporal dethronement of Fon Chafah XI and saw a new Fon installed. The Elders and King Makers of Bangolan have all discovered that peace is very expensive and have decided to have an out of court settlement.  Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered from sources deep inside the tribunal that court fees have already been paid and both sides have opted for a peaceful end to the affair.

We further learnt that committees have been set up to restore peace within the onetime war-zone village. The uprisings perpetrated by some disgruntled villagers were purely illegal and lacked administrative procedures to back it, says our source. Gun shots were heard in the village on March 19, 2016 when angry villagers took over the palace and demanded Fon Chafah XI to leave. The Fon was in Yaounde at the time of the incident. He returned when things were at uncontrollable proportions and could not restore law and order. All vital administrative interventions proved futile. It all started in February 2016 when Fon Chafah XI of Bangolan was dethroned for embracing Christianity.

Bama Cham Victor (CIR)