Battle For Ambazonia: Field Marshal was not killed in helicopter attack 0

Our chief intelligence officer in the Lebialem County  has admitted that French Cameroun troops did not kill a senior Red Dragons Commander, Lekeaka Oliver known popularly as “Field Marshall” during an helicopter gun battle that the Biya CPDM crime syndicate made a talking point for success in the two-year war in Southern Cameroons.

Ambazonian Communications Secretary, Hon. Chris Anu told Southern Cameroonians recently that the Field Marshal is alive and leading military operations in the Lebialem County and even beyond. Our sources deep within the Cameroon government military also observed that the Francophone leadership was not able to confirm that Field Marshal was killed, although the army announced through its propaganda web site that Field Marshal was dead. The same web site had reported some years ago that the Cameroon army had killed Abubakar Sheku the Boko Haram leader.

Earlier intelligence from members of the Minister Tasong family led Yaoundé to believe Field Marshal had been killed. The Cameroon government army has intentionally avoided walking back its high-profile assessment of the fighting in the Lebialem County. The army said in a recent communiqué addressed to President Biya that it is targeting Red Dragons assembly areas in Lebialem.

Colonel Badjeck who also moonlights as the Cameroon army spokesperson has avoided questions on the killing of Field Marshal. We understand the modus operandi of the Red Dragons is much more complicated and provides for many ministers of war.

The Francophone dominated army, along with its corrupt leaders noted recently that the killing of the Field Marshal had dealt a significant blow to the Red Dragons. People in the know in Yaoundé have also openly opined that the army had intentionally withheld information indicating that it had not actually killed Lekeaka Oliver.

A newly announced reinforcement of French Cameroun troops to areas in Manyu near General Elokobi Njock’s village, to be used as a staging ground for attacks on Lebialem, will arrive relatively quickly, CIR has been informed.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files from Sama Ernest and Rita Akana