Berlin: Acting President Sako, Hundreds of Ambazonians bring traffic to a standstill as they protest outside Nigerian embassy 0

Hundreds of Southern Cameroons demonstrators brought traffic to a standstill in Berlin today after turning out in their droves to call for an end to cooperation between Abuja and Yaounde and the immediate implementation of the Nigerian High Court decision that ordered the return of President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his top aides back to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Ambazonians led by Acting President Ikome Sako crowded the streets outside the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin and some took it even further by blocking the entrance to the main building. Waving the Southern Cameroons flag with placards which read ‘Freedom for Southern Cameroons”, demonstrators chanted the Ambazonia National anthem as they protested against the ongoing genocide in Southern Cameroons.

Several of the Southern Cameroons protesters held banners which read: ‘Human Rights rejects the French Cameroun regime and condemns its criminal siege and occupation of Southern Cameroons. However, despite the large crowds, Bundes Polizei said the protest was largely peaceful as a whole.

In a statement delivered in front of the Nigerian embassy, Southern Cameroons Acting President Dr Ikome Sako said: ‘This isn’t about Southern Cameroons Self-Defense and Restoration Forces. It’s about the French Cameroun government and army fighting to maintain its control over Ambazonian lives, and Ambazonian land.

Prominent among the Southern Cameroons delegation that attended the rally in Berlin were Ambazonia Communications Secretary, Hon. Chris Anu, Dr Elad K. Logan Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Ambroise Etenjeh, Secretary for Home Affairs. It is vital to include in this report that Acting President Sako handed over a copy of the Abuja verdict to the Nigerian ambassador to Germany.

By Sessekou Asu Isong in Berlin on Special Assignment