Biya and Philemon Yang are taking the last kicks of a dying horse 0

The Prime Minister, Head of Government will travel to Limbe & Buea on Tuesday for a government propaganda rally.  It has been confirmed that he’ll be making that journey with top-ranking government officials, like Jean KUETE et al. Yang Philemon and his CPDM gang plans to use the CPDM party structures and militants to stage a “Unity March” painting Cameroon as a unitary state, one and indivisible.

The CPDM barons intend to organize a march in Buea, and after that in Bamenda the following week. They want the world to see that “Anglophone Cameroonians” (Those paid to march) want “peace and unity”, and do not want to federate or secede!*

Biya has approved the plan even though some major disagreements were recorded from highly placed CPDM Section presidents whose children were beaten, molested, and presently out of school. However, some have received money and are preparing to march with T-SHIRTS carrying Peace, Unity, Oneness  propaganda.

Cameroon Concord News has learnt that there will be severe consequences on all those who will dare participate in such pro Francophone march in British Southern Cameroons territory.

They’re planning a similar propaganda rally in Bamenda, to inform the international community that Anglophones want to remain with La Republique du Cameroun. Inside sources say they need 10000 boys and girls militants to wear the T-SHIRTS and participate in the march! The Anglophone lawyers and teachers unions have sounded a note of caution calling on parents to keep their children at home.

Anglophones leaders have however opined that British Southern Cameroons does not need political rallies and a peace march, what it needs is development that can only come through the creation of a Southern Cameroons state with its own army.