Biya appoints new general manager for the Port of Douala 0

Paul Biya has signed a decree appointing Ngo’o Cyrus as Managing Director of the Port of Douala. The Biya decree was made public on August 24, 2016, some few hours before the Cameroonian dictator left for an unknown destination in Europe.

Cameroon Concord News understands Ngo’o Cyrus was presented and immediately installed on the same Wednesday evening during a session of the Board of the Port of Douala which held in the economic capital under the direct supervision of the Minister of Transport, Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo’o.

Ngo’o Cyrus replaces Emmanuel Etoundi Oyono who died in Paris in France last month of an illness. Before his appointment, he was responsible for missions at the Prime Minister Office in Yaoundé.  To be sure, he was appointed to the Prime Minister Office only on July the 4th 2016. So this is the second presidential decree in the space of a month enjoyed by Mr Ngo’o Cyrus.

Sama Ernest with files from