Biya desperately fighting back Southern Cameroonians but get humiliated by Amba fighters 0

Ambazonian Intelligence Chief says French Cameroun dictator Paul Biya and the French Cameroun armies including the National Gendarmerie have desperately been fighting the people of Southern Cameroons for 58 years before the creation of the Ambazonia Restoration Force but have been humiliated in the last four years.

The newly appointed Southern Cameroons frontline leader made the comment during a zoom cabinet meeting chaired by Vice President Dabney Yerima on Wednesday in which he accused French Cameroun Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji along with some French Cameroun CPDM hardliners of trying to stifle and suffocate Southern Cameroonians demand for dignity in a union with French Cameroun that was established in 1961.

Ever since the emergence of President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe as the leader of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Biya and his gang of French Cameroun surrogates have desperately tried to resuscitate the past of appointing a Francophone Governor, Francophone SDO, Francophone DO, a Francophone State Counsel and a Francophone judge   Yet it keeps getting humiliated by the Ambazonian people.

It is time for the International community to change tack

The top Southern Cameroons security chief opined that the British government that put Ambazonians in this mess should start heralding the need for a better change.

The level of barbarism being perpetuated by French Cameroun’s military and militias loyal to the French Cameroun President Paul Biya as they pursue their genocidal war and scorch earth policy to completely annihilate the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) is alarming.

So far, as a result of the on-going genocide in the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia), an estimated 35,000 people have been killed, over 300 towns and villages have been burnt down, over 120,000 people are seeking refuge in Nigeria and further afield, over 1million people are internally displaced or living in bushes and over 3,000 persons incarcerated in prisons and detention facilities.

It is also reported that over 4.5. Million people are at risk of famine. The French Cameroun government is doing everything through its private militia (popularly known as Atanga Nji Boys) to commit atrocities and link them to Southern Cameroons self-defense forces, so as to evoke international sympathy.

The Southern Cameroons Interim Government has noted that only an independent fact-finding mission can establish the facts and thus far, Mr. Biya’s government has resisted all requests by independent humanitarian organizations to visit Southern Cameroons.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai