Biya Francophone gov’t to use the internet as a political weapon against Southern Cameroonians 0

The Biya Francophone government has announced that it will use the internet as a political weapon against Southern Cameroonians. The statement was made public by the Francophone Minister of Communication and so-called government spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

In a release read over state radio and television, the regime in Yaounde threatened to disconnect internet in Southern Cameroons “if individuals use it to create public disorder or preach hatred.” The communiqué also did inform West Cameroonians that the Francophone Government reserves the right and duty to take appropriate measures and when necessary to block any form of internet misuse in Anglophone Cameroon.

The 84 year old Paul Biya on Thursday ordered the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications to inform the various Telecommunication companies to reinstate internet in the two English Speaking regions of the Country. Biya whose Beti Ewondo tribes uses the internet and state television to promote pornography and immorality in the country further stated that the people of North West and South West regions should use the internet for appropriate reasons and should avoid being lured by secessionist messages, propagation of false information and other practices which could put the State in danger.

By Sama Ernest

Cameroon Concord News Group