Biya Health Situation: Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh ready to step in when he undergoes prostate surgery 0

The so-called powerful Minister-Secretary General at the presidency of the republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh is preparing to step in for President Biya when the dictator undergoes prostate cancer surgery, Cameroon Intelligence Report has gathered from reliable sources inside the Biya family.

The Francophone despot could be out of the political scene in Yaoundé for a month while his army soldiers deployed to Southern Cameroons continue to struggle with their failing military operations.

A senior gendarmerie officer serving with the Francophone dominated Intelligence Unit told our undercover reporter in Yaoundé late on Thursday that Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh is expected to make public a cabinet reshuffle to the brainwashed public that the 90 year-old Biya remains in full control.

Earlier on Friday, a prominent member of the ruling CPDM Central Committee with close ties to the Biya family confessed to a foreign diplomat that President Biya is very ill with prostate cancer.

Videos of President Biya meeting with some top Beti Ewondo political elites and signing of decrees have been concocted and will be aired on state radio and television in a cover-up to make it seem that he is working.

By Rita Akana in Yaoundé