Biya turns his palace into a clinic 0

Unable to travel, 87- year- old President Biya has reportedly turned his palace into a clinic. The president is confronted by protestors whenever he travels abroad for medical treatment. So now he gets his foreign doctors to treat him in Cameroon.

Biya is suffering from a suspected cancer and has been receiving treatment at his private presidential palace in Mvomeka’a in the South Region of the country.

The French Cameroun dictator repaid his late sister who had always been loyal, by participating in her funeral. President Biya’s 102- years- old sister Bidjang Regine Ndonda died on October 31, 2020 in Yaoundé due to an illness and was buried on Friday, November 13.

It was the third time the president has held a funeral for a family member in his 38 years in office with the first and second being that of his first wife and mother-in-law respectively. But in all three cases Biya did not deliver any eulogy and the guest list was limited to only family members, including the president’s eldest son, Franck Biya.

Four years ago, Paul Biya launched the war on Southern Cameroons to suppress an uprising that led to the declaration of the independence of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

The war has taken a heavy toll on Southern Cameroons’s infrastructure, destroying hospitals and health centers including schools. Women and children are among the most vulnerable victims of the Biya French Cameroun war, but the issue has barely drawn any international response.

He has misruled the two Cameroons and as a consequence, patriotism is now in very short supply in Yaoundé. Whatever Biya wants, Biya gets as he has also successfully kept the population frightened enough! For more than 38 years, he assumed that no one will get on his way-and he is right!!

But now that his ancestors are reportedly knocking on his door, Mr. Biya the French Cameroun monarchical president has drastically reduced his outings in Yaoundé.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai