Buea: Development displaces Great Soppo Market Traders 0

Many vendors at the Great Soppo Market, popularly known as “OIC Market”, have been displaced from their business locations by Buea municipality authorities.

An ongoing road construction project is underway at the Bakweri town stretch in Great Soppo, which has led to the closure of the main road which leads to the area.

Currently, vehicles now use the Great Soppo market as a transit road to Bakweri town.

To make the road more accessible and free of any hindrance, some vendors have been displaced and moved to the Bwitingi market, popularly known as the Buea Central Market, which many consider to be unsafe due to frequent attacks by Ambazonia fighters in the area.

One of the sellers expressed her concerns, pointing out that it would be difficult to build a new client base because some of the buyers would have a hard time locating them.

Another trader said that she would experience a massive decline in sales because the Bwitingi market only opens twice per week.

The Great Soppo Market (OIC Market), which is operational throughout the week irrespective of any imposed lockdowns by the separatists groups, is the most visited market in Buea since the start of the ongoing crisis.

While many people are angry that they are being moved to a new location, many do agree that the city needs to develop, adding that Buea is in dire need of such infrastructure projects.

Our city needs good roads and this road will go a long way in reducing the growing traffic in Buea. We are growing as a city and we need modern infrastructure to make our lives easier,” one of the traders said.

Our city officials are trying to make our lives better and we all know that our current market location is simply not the best as it creates lots of traffic and this hurts us all. We must accept our pain in the interest of our city and I am sure the road will be a blessing to all Buea residents and tourists,” he added.

By Cecilia M. Manjang