Buea University Sex Scandal: Tapes are emerging 0

If anybody thought the sex scandal in the University of Buea will be leaving the headlines anytime soon, that person is totally mistaken. More evidence of sexual misconduct at the University of Buea is gradually emerging as some girls who have been victims of the University of Buea sex ring are getting bolder by the day and they really want to talk.

A tape has been sent to the Cameroon Concord News Group which details a conversation between Prof. Ernest Molua and one of his victims. The lady, who has asked for her identity to be protected for now, said she taped the discussion because she felt it could be useful someday. The tape delivers details of Prof. Molua’s carefully crafted intimidation tactics and how he runs down his victims before making the most of his opportunity.

Speaking to the Cameroon Concord News Group’s permanent correspondent in Buea, Molua’s victim said the former registrar was a master at manipulation and intimidation. She said he preyed on his victims by making them feel helpless and useless. He derived a lot of pleasure from diminishing other human beings.  

Prof. Molua, who is vertically challenged, seems to make up for that deficiency by intimidating people, especially young girls he wants to have fun with. He demands for sex as if that is part of his benefits package. He lacks tact and diplomatic skills when it comes to talking to young girls,” the desperate lady said.

She added that “when he needs sex, he needs it immediately. It is like all the girls at the university are at his beck and call. In ordinary life, it is held that variety is the spice of life, but to Molua, variety is more than a spice. If sex is food to him, then variety should be a life-saving drug. Molua has lost respect among young girls. He used to be admired when he started his career at the university. He was elegant, smart, and friendly. But over the last years, he has become cocky, condescending, and even despicable. Many students do not trust him and no young girl who goes to his office comes out happy,” the lady stressed.

He must be stopped. He has had more than his fair share of free sex. Sending him back to the classroom only makes it easy for him to prey on many young and vulnerable girls. Molua should be reduced to an administrator who has little or no contact with young girls. In a civilized society, he will be fired forthwith. As a registrar, he did protect other members of his sex ring. He was the one who got Prof. Kingsley Kange off the hook when there were massive allegations of sexual misconduct against Prof. Kange. He even supported Kange in his bid to frustrate PHD students who had to defend their thesis a couple of years ago. A registrar has no business with academic matters but Molua was always crossing those red lines with impunity. He must be checked or else he will continue to give the university a bad name. He is a reputational risk to the University of Buea,” the lady stressed.    

For Prof. Agborbechem whose destructive sexual prowess is known beyond the University of Buea, his main client, Eta Palace, is already witnessing a drop in business activities ever since the “satyr” got exposed. Before the scandal, Agborbechem was always seen at the hotel, seeking to take a room, sometimes on credit. Many people in Molyko wondered why a man who had a good home in Buea was always reserving hotel rooms. 

Professor Agborbechem’s criminal activities did not start today. While a teacher in Government High School Mamfe, he was the “silent terror” who kept female students permanently ill at ease.  His destructive tendencies know no age and no bounds. By Cameroon’s educational policy, a form three student should be between 14 and 15 years old and such students are considered internationally as underage, but Agborbechem did not care. He slept with them as if they were his wives. He is supposed to be investigated and, if possible, taken to court for abuse of minors and rape.

According to a former student of the professor who is known for his sexual vagrancy, he will even complicate his exams just to render his targets more vulnerable. The former student, who reacted to the first article published on the professor’s highly unusual and uncontrollable libido, said that:

Prof. Agborbechem has been like that since in GHS Mamfe. He taught me mathematics in form three. He was already doing well in his sexual drama with girls that were beautiful but could not pass mathematics in form three. He sometimes even made the tests more difficult only to trap more customers,” the student who elected anonymity said.

Agborbechem is a juggernaut. He is indeed a whirlpool that picks up anything in skirt in its path. Any girl whose path crosses the learned professor’s path knows that she is in real trouble. He has a huge sexual appetite for young slim girls, and he will stop at nothing when it comes to sleeping with them. 

A source close to Eta Palace has hinted that Prof. Agborbechem is always broke, insinuating that casual sex was taking a huge bite out of his meager income. He seems to be addicted to it and his whole world revolves around that.

 “He really needs to see a psychotherapist. He is sick. Something is wrong with him. Once he takes a little alcohol, he loses control of himself and sometimes he can even confuse a man for a woman. As a man, if you do not want to be harassed by Agborbechem, make sure you are dressed up properly,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the Cameroon Concord News Group tried on Friday, August 27, 2021 to contact the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea to discuss the current sex and money scandals that are eroding the university’s reputation and the Vice Chancellor’s determination to bring sanity to the university.  The Group’s editor-in-chief will be calling the vice chancellor again on Monday to schedule that interview.

With the Group having a permanent correspondent in Buea, the university must get to the bottom of this matter if it really wants to restore its lost reputation. The Group’s correspondent will be keeping an eye on some lecturers who are known to be a source of trouble to young girls who only want to study and leave the place. The University of Buea cannot be transformed into a brothel by the very people who are supposed to empower these girls academically. The Vice Chancellor must come up with policies that will result in a lecturer’s dismissal if he or she is found to be engaged in behavior that calls the university’s reputation into question. 

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai


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