Cameroon becomes anti-French and goes with Moscow 0

The Cameroonian Defense Minister flew to Moscow to sign it, in complete secrecy and in the midst of the Ukrainian conflict. It was not supposed to be known, but the press gave an account.

Cameroon has been experiencing a bitter conflict, since 2016, in the two Anglophone provinces of the country that demand independence from the central state and then has to contend with the increasingly bloody incursions of Boko Haram in the Far North.

The current agreement, much broader and more organic than the previous one, albeit in generic terms, raises not a little perplexity precisely because it is not specific, as in the case of Mali and the Central African Republic, the supply of weapons, but only that “other areas of cooperation can be considered”. And it is precisely this clause that causes debate and creates perplexity because the “other areas of cooperation” can enter the employment and deployment of the Wagner Company, Russian mercenaries already employed in areas of conflict on the African continent.

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