Cameroon: For collecting a bribe of 500 frs CFA, police officer made to pee for 53 minutes 0

Radio Equinoxe based in the economic capital Douala recently reported that a corrupt police officer was made to urinate for almost 53 minutes by a farmer he reportedly collected 500 frs CFA from! The incident occurred in Fongo-Tongo-a locality in Menoua Division in the West region on October 13, 2016. The local farmer was held at a police check point by the said officer who claimed that his old motorcycle was no longer allowed to use the highway.

Despite appeals from some disgruntled villagers to let go the farmer, the police officer insisted that the farmer must dish-out to him the sum of 500 frs CFA. The greedy cop ignored cat calls from members of the Fongo-Tongo community and revealed that the farmer would be allowed to go along with his old motorcycle only if he pays the 500 frs as requested.

The farmer moved away from the check point and brought out a 500 frs note from his underwear and handed it over to the police officer. It was after this gesture that the farmer was allowed to continue his journey. He had not even turned his back when the officer felt the need to urinate.

The officer started to pee without stopping and could no longer participate in controls. His colleague realizing that what was happening was indeed not normal rushed to the village and with the help of some villagers he traced the man with the old motorbike. The farmer ordered the cop to return his 500 frs with immediate effect and gave him a kick on his bum to stop the officer from urinating. The journalist who filed the news item was quoted as saying that the officer kept a pee for 53 minutes.

By Rita Akana with files from