Cameroon gov’t actions in Bekora, Menka-Pinyin and Muyenge amount to war crimes 0

Cameroon government attacks against Southern Cameroons settlements in Bekora-Ekondo Titi, Menka Pinyin and Muyenge were all in breach of international law. Human Rights groups have opined that the Francophone army deployed to Southern Cameroons have been targeting innocent Ambazonian civilians and they do not take any precautionary measures to minimize civilian casualties.

Ever since the Southern Cameroons crisis started two years, the UN has not bothered to carry out any major investigation. Renowned international organizations such the International Crisis Group and Amnesty International have interviewed several Southern Cameroons residents who are victims of the air, artillery and mortar strikes.

Local Southern Cameroons media houses have reported that there were no separatist fighters in the Bekora and Menka Pinyin vicinity at the time of the Cameroon government attacks. Cat calls have greeted the burning of towns and villages including the massacre of Southern Cameroons civilians with the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia stating that French Cameroun government actions were indiscriminate attacks that amounted to war crimes.

A senior Southern Cameroons political figure, Hon. Paulinus Jua recently told the so-called Musonge Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission that the Biya administration should admit to the scale of damage and war crimes its army soldiers have committed in Southern Cameroons and pave the way for a public independent investigation.

The Francophone dominated Cameroon government military has been implementing a scorch-the-earth policy against what it says are separatist and terrorist targets inside Southern Cameroons. The US ambassador to Cameroon, His Excellency Peter Barlerin has accused the Biya regime that has been in power for 35 years of targeting and killing Southern Cameroons civilians.

By Chi Prudence Asong