Cameroon honors petty traders 0

Ten traders were crowned ambassadors in various sectors of petty trading. They received trophies, attestations and encouragement envelops for endurance, stamina, persistence as puff-balls vendors, blind braid teacher, deaf kid coach, lame craftsmen, outstanding building constructor, blind craftsmen, and community hope givers from Big Earth.

Speaking during the award in Bonapriso recently, the President of Grass 2 Grace Humanitarian Organisation Cameroon who doubles as Promoter of Big Earth Award, His Royal Majesty Thomas Ayuk Fotang, prolific entertainer who presents the comic news “Scratch Ya Eye” on Canal 2 International, said the purpose is to alleviate poverty, kill stigmatization, boost capital with the goal of making beneficiaries veritable ambassadors of the informal sector.  He explained that merit is not made only for the people of the upper class of society but also for the forgotten: “The less privileged also have the right to be recognized in the society.”

In another domain, Denise Fampou, El Hadj Oumarou Danjuma, Mike Okeke, Dipoko Songue, and Dimitri received five special prizes for their outstanding contribution to their communities. The jury comprised a clergyman, a philanthropist, and a humanitarian activist. Big Earth Award seeks to spur longevity, endurance, punctuality, assiduity and respect among petty traders.