Cameroon mega star, Ekambi Brillant in poor medical condition, needs help 0

Veteran Cameroonian musician Ekambi Brillant is down with an unknown illness as new reports from Douala suggest. 

Elvis Kemayo recently paid him a visit, raising awareness of his condition.

Ekambi Brillant was popular in the 70s, 80s and early 90s and remains one of the greatest song writer and composer Cameroon as a nation has ever known.

Ekambi recorded a sea of greatest hits including Minya ma bobe, Moussoloki, Elongi, Cameroon Airlines and Yeye Yeah Massoma.

Cameroon Concord News senior entertainment correspondent Diamond Esoh commenting on the Ekambi situation opined that “It appears the story of riches to rags has become a major issue in the Cameroon music industry as Ekambi is yet another musician in dire need of medical and financial assistance.”

Unconfirmed reports in Douala say the renowned artist may have suffered some sort of paralysis.

By Rita Akana in Douala